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Vivonics Acquires Biomedical Divsion of Infoscitex
Date: Sep 25, 2012
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Featured firm in this article: Infoscitex Corporation of Waltham, MA

WALTHAM, MA -- September 25, 2012 -- Vivonics, Inc. announced today the completion of its acquisition of all assets related to the Biomedical division of Infoscitex Corporation (IST). Vivonics was founded specificailly to acquire the IST Biomedical business by Gordon B. Hirschman, who was IST Executive Vice President in charge of that division prior to the acquisition. "Establishing our business as a separate company will allow us to focus our full attention on the development and commercialization of advanced biomedical technologies" said Hirschman, now President and CEO of Vivonics. All previous employees of the IST Biomedical division have agreed to join Vivonics, assuring continuity for on-going developments.

The charter of Vivonics is to develop innovative technologies that improve or maintain health or help optimize human effectiveness within complex systems, from the initial concept through to viable products. Some of the technologies currently under development include: an implantable artificial lung based on microfluidics, an advanced socket for adapting a prosthetic leg to the amputee's residual limb, a robotic device to assist with ultrasound scans, and molecular technology using advanced DNA aptamers for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. More information about Vivonics is available at .