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On-demand access to - and search of - SBIR-STTR technology & business data, brought to fruition by usefully structured formal-access opportunities.

Databases Details

Record Type Total Records
SBIR Companies 32,277
SBIR Awards 145,113
Tech Seekers 2,438
Drawing down on the full complement of all 32,277 firms which have successfully competed for SBIR-STTR funding, listed search options include a comprehensive range of data elements addressed in the offline systems.

  • Company Registry Search
  • With a limited number of search criteria to include by Location and Program Involvement, the focus here on the public-access site is primarily on the Extent and Form of SBIR-STTR participation. The yield is a useful Company Profile with a Synopsis of SBIR-STTR involvement.
  • SBIR Awards 1983-current
  • Including the full complement of every SBIR-STTR award from 1983 to most recently announced - now factoring to c. 145,113 Phase I projects with some one-third continued into Phase II - no-cost system use permits search set-up by Year, Agency, Phase, Type of Award (SBIR or STTR), State, some keywords. Yield is by-award(s) which - when each listing is opened - shows the relevant Awardee.
  • TechSeeker Registry┬«
  • Extensive listing of large and mid-sized firms across all industry segments known to have working relationship(s) with SBIR-STTR involved firms OR to be actively seeking such connections. To our knowledge, this systematic compilation of those large and mid-sized firms - what we call here Tech Seekers - which have/ have had working relationship(s) with one/more SBIR-STTR involved firm is the only one of its type. That assumed, this is a unique - and potentially very valuable resource - to those who understand best how to use it.
    - particularly among the primes - have been longtime SBIR associated and have a wide range of SBIR-STTR connections. Others have multiple different relationships over time with the same SBIR awardee; while still others having some form of relationship with a considerable number of different awardees. A few - but growing number - have all of the above..