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Support Organizations

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Basic SBIR & STTR Stats

$num_rows_p1_awards\" data-size=\"100\" data-back=\"#E4E4E4\" data-width=\"10\" data-label=\"Phase I\" data-color=\"#505c65\">
$num_rows_p2_awards\" data-size=\"100\" data-back=\"#E4E4E4\" data-width=\"10\" data-label=\"Phase II\" data-color=\"#505c65\">
$num_rows_comps\" data-size=\"100\" data-back=\"#E4E4E4\" data-width=\"10\" data-label=\"Awardees\" data-color=\"#505c65\" ata-animate_gauge_colors=\"1\" data-animate_text_colors=\"1\">

Featured SBIR Firm

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State SBIR-STTR Data: synopsis

  Note: Phase II awards may be incrementally funded. Hence, downturn indicated by this graph is not an error nor a major drop-off of SBIR funding availability. As Phase II awards are made - almost 3/4 of all dollars - steepness of this curve will increase substantially.

Extent of this State's SBIR-STTR

-*SELECT * FROM sbir_state_office_info where state='$state'*-
"); $result = mysql_query( "SELECT * FROM sbir_state_office_info where state='$state'") or die("SELECT Error: ".mysql_error()); $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result); $row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC); ?>
Extent of this State's SBIR-STTR
participation over life of program
Award-related data
Awards Phase I Phase II
Total Award Dollars 1983-current
Number Awardees
Current SBIR-STTR Activity Level
Awards (last 5yr) Phase I Phase II
Award Dollars
Current Awardees
External business factors by State Awardees
Publicly Traded
M&A Deals
VC Funded Firms
Total US issued patents
In DOD and NIH particularly, Phase II may be on Phase I awards made three-four years earlier. The comprehensive SBIR tracking system developed and rigorously maintained by the Innovation Development Institute is project-grounded. All related Phase IIs are tracked by relevance to original Phase I i.e. in a single record. As applicable - for example in NIH and some DOD - Phase II awards dollars are recorded incrementally in our offline systems but posted online by total to date.
Source: Innovation Development Institute, Swampscott, MA. ©Copyright 1995-. All rights reserved.

"); ?>
If you want to succeed, you should strike out on new paths rather than travel the worn paths of accepted business 
John D. Rockefeller

To service diverse needs, interests and concerns of the very different segments of SBIR Community using this SIte - Awardees, Federal Agency personnel, Tech Seekers, State Support entities and the range of Professional Service providers - various types of Site Use Accounts are offered

  • No-Cost (Site Registration required)
  • Low Cost: Level ONE Search capacity
  • Partnering: reciprocal Content Provision. Relevant primarily to State Support and Professional Service providers
  • Full-blown Tech Seeker Retainer Contracts: SMART Office Capacity and Custom Support. Major and mid-sized corporations and some Federal players

Consistent with that diversity of Users and of their differing interests, this Site also supports various Search Capabilities and analyses within -- as well as by -- each of these populations.


Part of the small group that achieved passage of original - highly controversial - SBIR enabling legislation in 1982, on the political frontline in 1986 and 1992 Reauthorizations, the last-minute rescue of SBIR in closing minutes of 106th Congress (Dec. 2000) and, though the years, the many other determined efforts to hobble the program, better than most we understand the political effort required to maintain a Federal Program requiring regular Congressional approval.
      Not wishing to repeat the nightmare of the Continuing Resolution marathon of last SBIR Reauthorization (2008-2011), Congressional SBIR Advocates on both sides of the aisle have been working to achieve passage in this 114th Congress. With uncertainly surrounding what the next Congress will look like, there is concern that if SBIR is allowed to lapse by default, re-establishing the Program could be nigh impossible.
      Having made important progress in the Senate -- https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-bill/2793/all-action... -- the wheels seem to have fallen off the House effort.

Preferably while they are home in the District, YOUR Representatives need to hear from YOU:  individually and collectively! - not only about what SBIR has meant to you BUT also to give them some sense of

  • economic impact:  quality jobs created with the consequent ripple impact in the local area
  • technical impact:  problems being solved, new industries created

For all the reauthorization emphasis in DC - legions of published studies, Congressional Hearings, on-the-Hill visits etc - for my money, nothing comes close to value and effectiveness of In-the-District interaction.

In other words, if SBIR-STTR are/have been important to you, YOU need to be speaking up!


  1. Congressional Testimony Ann Eskesen, President, Innovation Development Institute, LLC
  2. Small Business Technology Council: long time SBIR advocates
Drawing down on comprehensive SBIR-STTR relational databases maintained offline, effort here is to provide
  • No-Cost/Low Cost searchable access of all SBIR Awards, relevant Awardee Business Profiles and some useful Tech Seeker data
  • along with our in-house use of powerful whole system capacities to analyze participation and outcomes in various useful / interesting ways:  VC and IPOs, M&A transactions, Patents: licensing and collaborations, Technology trends; etc. 
For fee, custom studies can be undertaken

Getting to a Deal:
In the final analysis, effective SBIR involvement is NOT about getting Phase I or Phase II Awards.  It's about bringing the developed technology to use-condition.

The organizing principle of this site -- and of idi as a firm -- is to enable that to happen. 

Integrated multi-component system with On- and Offline elements to support full and effective engagement of relevant SBIR talent
Expedited access, useful tools and resources for those seriously interested in systematic SBIR engagement
A la carte, facilitated access for those with less extensive partnering requirements

ExPreS: Expertise Precision Sourcing - NOT Crowd-sourcing
Targeted visibility of external access, project-needs
Customized business-actionable information
Integrated Corporate SBIR engagement system
Range of source-delivery approaches: face-to-face; proposal based; pro-active Tech Sourcing
Substantial opportunities for relevant fertilization across-industry and across-discipline
Depth-in-quality source engagement
Useful business profiles and capability indicators on every SBIR awardes of interest and potential project partnering
Early-stage, cost-effective and lower-risk access to demonstrable talent and disruptive technologies
Sustainable business and technology partnering relationships
In-system catalog of areas of expertise:  self-manage option. Detailed Business Profile, Competency Listings & available technologies
Overview Profiles of every SBIR-STTR Awardees on-site fully searchable by all Site-Registered Users
Pro-active, facilitated access by ASSETs Corporate Clients with specific partnering requirements

Valuable insights into actual technology and business partnering needs of a large range of major/mid-sized corporations
Enabled contact with senior, decision-making personnel having external outreach responsibilities in Major/mid-sized corporations
Improved prospects for likely SBIR selection through systematic securing of Support Letters and other useful indicators of business connection
Invitation to capability-relevant Closed-Door events and proposal submission opportunities
Pre-vetted presentation and face-to-face interaction opportunitiess: individual or group as appropriate
Facilitated access to additional R&D funding and capital resources
Useful enabling of peer-to-peer collaborations
Sustainable business and technology partnering relationships

Contact information

Innovation Development Institute, LLC

   45 Beach Bluff Avenue, Suite 300
     Swampscott,  MA 01907-1542

  Tel:  (781) 595-2920