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SunTech Medical Acquires an Equity Position in an Advanced Research Technology Firm
Date: Mar 13, 2006
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Featured firm in this article: Empirical Technologies Corporation of Charlottesville, VA

SunTech Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of SunTech Medical Group Limited and the world leader in motion-tolerant, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring products and technology, has acquired an equity position in Empirical Technologies Corporation.

"Our mission is to be the dominant supplier of blood pressure monitoring products and technology," according to Dayn McBee, CEO of SunTech Medical, Inc. "We have filled another significant and strategic piece of our business. SunTech Medical's intimate knowledge of the blood pressure industry combined with Empirical Technologies Corporation's innovative technology creates a synergistic partnership."

The recent acquisition gives SunTech access to extensive intellectual property including breakthrough technology in continuous beat-to-beat, non-invasive blood pressure measurement.

"I am excited about the future prospects as we bring our two technology driven businesses together, SunTech Medical couldn't be a better company to work with," according to David Gerdt, Ph. D., President of Empirical Technologies Corporation. "This partnership confirms the strength and commitment of both companies to deliver superior technology in blood pressure monitoring."
About Empirical Technologies Corporation, Inc.:

Empirical Technologies Corporation, Inc., located in Charlottesville, Virginia is an advanced research technology firm dedicated to the principles of bringing superior technology to patient care while being a solution based, hardware oriented business that excels at emerging medical monitoring technologies. The staff, comprised of Ph. D. and post doctorial research professionals, has extensive experience in physical sciences, engineering, and sophisticated analysis tools. They hold eleven US patents and one provisional application, and have received support research funding from DARPA, NHLBI, US Army, Office of Naval Research and CCAT at CSU San Bernadino.
About SunTech Medical:

SunTech Medical's OEM blood pressure technology is used by many of the world's leading patient monitoring and defibrillator equipment manufacturers. Offerings include algorithms for particular patient environments and conditions including patient transport (ambulance, helicopter, or gurney), patient motion (tremors and spasms) and specific patient populations (dialysis, neo-natal, pediatric, bariatric, or veterinarian). SunTech's finished goods solutions include automated blood pressure monitors for stress and exercise testing, our 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor and general and specialized blood pressure cuffs.