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Advanced Ceramics Research Inc (AKA: Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing~Sensintel, Inc)
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Business Identifier: Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), sensors and related services
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3292 East Hemisphere Loop
Tucson, AZ 85706
   (520) 573-6300
Location: Single
Congr. District: 03
County: Pima

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In June 2009, Advanced Ceramics Research Inc (ACR) was acquired by BAE Systems. Prior to the acquisition, Advanced Ceramics Research had been structured into two distinct parts: the first focused to bio-ceramic applications; the second on the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. The two key projects on which this is latter division had worked were Silver Fox and Coyote, small units well respected in the tactical UAV markets. At the time of acqusition, BAE Systems was largely uninterested in the materials work of ACRS with the exception of a sophisticated system for mid-surgery custom creation of bone implants that are slowly absorbed, while retaining structural integrity until natural bone growth occurs. Known as Plasti-Bone, it was a declared BAE intent to continue work on this project within the Medical Device area of BAE. In fact that division was very shortly reduced in scope and the Plasti-Bone project currently lies dormant. BAE has aggressively built out from the ACR work in UAV and has successfully pursued significant additional funding. At about the time of acquisition, BAE Unmanned Aerial Vehicles won a substantial Air Force contract for research and development in this space.The Materials division of ACR – which had been the early emphasis of the firm – was focused to developing, manufacturing, and supplying preformed ceramic components. These included ceramic products, laboratory milling products, water soluble tooling materials, cutting tools, and custom mandrels; osteo-conductive load bearing implant/bone scaffolds; fibrous monoliths; and unmanned aerial vehicles. These ceramic materials and related products included water soluble materials; Fibrous Monoliths, a class of structural ceramics; ceramic gel casting slurry formulations for use in shape deposition manufacturing and injection molded parts manufacturing; laboratory milling products, such as jar mills, high density polyethylene (HDPE) milling jars, HDPE milling jar caps, aluminum jar mill sleeves, and steel jar mill sleeves; and unmanned vehicle systems. Long before the acquisition, ACR had previously launched a collaboration with Native American Tohono O'odham Nation whereby an entity called Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing had been formed. With BAE’s decision not to engage this part of ACR, the scope of work assumed by that jointly owned entity has been radically increased – with major job growth and economic impact implication. Since the acquisition, key ACR management have formed another firm - Hydronalix, Inc with work focused on EMILY - beach rescue robot, recently selected as Grand Award Invention of the Year (for Security Category) by Popular Science for 2010, and selected as #7 of “The 50 Best Inventions of 2010” by Time magazine.

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  Matthew Pobloske -- CEO

  Steve Turcotte -- President

  Mark L Angier

  David Blanchard -- former President

  Jonathan Boulton

  Gene A Danko

  Michael Fulcher

  Andrew Gluck

  Catherine Green

  B N Hecht

  Mathias Hecht

  Gregory E Hilmas

  Robert Hoffman

  Mostofa Howlander

  Jennifer Jerrick -- Former Contracts Administrator

  Kenneth L Knittel

  Richard Moon

  Andrew Osbrink

  Mark C Paterson

  Mark Patterson

  Marlene Platero-AllRunner

  Mark Pobloske -- VP for Business Development

  Dragan Popovich

  Mark J Rigali

  Kevin L Stuffle

  Manish Sutaria

  Ranji Vaidyanathan -- Director, Polymer Products

  Brett E Waldo

  Bernard Zahuranec