Direct Deposition of Durable Composite Road Marking Material onto Pavement Via Quasi-Equilibrium Plasma
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Greg Fridman

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AAPlasma LLC (AKA: AA Plasma LLC)

3401 Grays Ferry Avenue B197-221/223
Philadelphia, PA 19146
   (949) 838-4311
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County: Bucks

Phase I

Contract Number: 70NANB22H192
Start Date: 10/1/2022    Completed: 3/31/2023
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According to National Transportation Research, 43% of the public roadways throughout the U.S. are in poor or mediocre condition. With over 4 million miles of public roadways in the United States moving nearly $17 trillion of goods across the nation, it is critical that improvements are made to the resurfacing methods currently employed to maintain our transportation infrastructure. To achieve a technical solution to this issue, AAPlasma is developing a plasma-based system that can rapidly and effectively resurface and deposit new road marking in a single pass, thereby reducing the time and resources needed to maintain our nation’s road network infrastructure. In Phase I and II of this SBIR project, AAPlasma will focus on restoring road marking materials, however, future research projects will expand successful results to include asphalt concrete and Portland cement.

Phase II

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