C-K Engineering Inc
Business Identifier: Spark Ignition (SI) and Compression Ignition (CI) engine sealing solutions
Public Profile:
C-K Engineering Inc (CKE) provides sealing solutions to Spark Ignition (SI) and Compression Ignition (CI) engine sealing problems, with specialties focusing on improvements in Engine Cylinder Kit Performance. The firm has additional capabilities that include design and manufacture of precision gages, piston and piston ring evaluation tools and bench test fixtures that measure and analyze cylinder bore finish and geometry. The CKE gages provide dimensional data utilized for analysis or input to the PROMPT Cylinder Kit Model. Other prominent tools in the Cylinder Kit include: the PROMPT model for measurement and analysis of over 40 dimensional Cylinder Kit performance variables; SEE 3-D measures and analyzes more than 30 surface characteristics using 3-D images of cylinder bore surfaces; and the BEE 3-D cylinder bore geometry gage checks bores for roundness, cylindricity and straightness using 3-D images (4th order of distortion). CKE is further enhanced through its sister company, C-K Technologies LLC (CKT), a research focused company developing advanced technology associated with Sealing Systems for conventional and experimental combustion engines, as well as identification of preferred materials and lubricants to provide effective tribological systems in sealing applications.

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