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Targeson Inc (AKA: Targeson LLC)
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Novel contrast agents for use in diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular disease and tumor growth
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3550 General Atomics Court MS 02-444
San Diego, CA 92121
   (858) 427-3675

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Targeson had been involved in development of ultrasound imaging agents for functional and molecular imaging applications in the research market. The firm's core technology platform used gas-encapsulated microspheres that when coated with specific targeting molecules can adhere to molecular markers of disease and then be imaged by ultrasound. This technique could be used in animal models of a wide variety of diseases, such as cancer, heart attack, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular plaque, organ transplant rejection, and inflammatory bowel disease. Initially targeted at the academic research market to generate income enabling the company to leverage the technology for a clinical product development program, the firm's commercial products included: Targestar® P, a non-targeted ultrasound contrast agent designed to enhance and quantify blood flow and vascular function; Targestar P-HF, a perfusion contrast agent specifically designed to be used with high frequency ultrasound scanners; Targestar SA, a targetable ultrasound contrast agent enabling any biotinylated antibody or biomolecule to be coupled to a microsphere, making it suitable for a wide variety of molecular imaging applications including tumor angiogenesis, myocardial infarction, atherosclerotic plaque, thrombosis, organ transplant rejection and inflammatory diseases; Visistar® Integrin, a targeted ultrasound contrast agent coated with a peptide that binds integrin ?v?3; Visistar VEGFR2, a targeted ultrasound contrast agent coated with a VEGFR2 binding ligand, both indicated for molecular imaging of angiogenesis and tumor growth; Visistar VCAM-1, a targeted ultrasound contrast agent indicated for molecular imaging of inflammation; and Targesphere™, a delivery agent for transfection. As of mid 2017, the firm seems to have discontinued operat

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