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Spectral Sciences Inc (AKA: SSI)
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Spectroscopy, remote sensing and imaging, combustion and propulsion technology, and radiative transfer processes.
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4 Fourth Avenue
Burlington, MA 01803
   (781) 273-4770

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Across a range of technical endeavor, Spectral Sciences, Inc. (SSI) is a private R&D firm solving technical and scientific problems from concept to prototype. The company performs basic and applied research and technology development in optics and related fields, including remote sensing, rocket and aircraft optical signatures, ground and space-based experiment planning and data analysis, atmospheric studies, gas analysis instrumentation, and laser applications. Areas of expertise include electro-optic remote sensing, atmospheric radiation transport, the science of combustion, computational physics, chemistry and molecular dynamics, energy management, 3-D and spectral scene modeling, spectroscopy, UV through IR optical signature analysis, tomography methods and analysis and electro-optical instrumentation development in support of phenomenological studies and new measurement concepts. Software developed by SSI and available to the public include: FLAASH and QUAC, atmospheric correction codes which calculate spectrally resolved ground reflectance from hyperspectral imaging and multispectral imaging. Both codes are available as the Atmospheric Correction Module plug-in for ENVI. MODTRAN radiative transfer code.Fields of specialty include Computer Software Development for Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing imagery; Aerospace Phenomenology; Instruments for Gas Sensing; Reconstruction Techniques for Biomedical and Remote Sensing Applications; SHARC (Strategic High-Altitude Radiation Code) was developed by SSI for the USAF as a non-equilibrium high-altitude (up to 300 km) infrared emission model for quiescent and aurorally disturbed atmospheres.; SAMM and A3RTSS the firm has recently been working on an imaging tool that would allow farmers to determine the health of crop, including soil conditions and unwanted other growth. Deployed by satellite, the system would enable farmers to achieve an aerial view to use in maximizing crop yield.

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