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Orthogen LLC (AKA: Orthogen Inc~Orthogen Corporation)
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505 Morris Avenue Suite 104
Springfield, NJ 07081
   (973) 467-2404

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Previously SBIR involved in the 1990s, In 2000 Orthogen Corporation had been acquired by Bio-Lok International, Inc.(NASDAQ BB:BLLI), but in October 2007, Orthogen LLC was spun off of Bio-Lok International, and is again SBIR participant. As a BioLok division, Orthogen had developed the LaserLok line of dental implants and calcium sulfate-based bone graft materials. The new company retains intellectual property rights for new generations of bone graft products, bioreactors, "smart" transcutaneous prostheses and orthopedic implants. Orthogen is currently researching and scaling up these technologies. Orthogen LLC is developing and marketing a new line of completely resorbable synthetic bone regeneration products for dental applications. Orthogen recently finished the development and testing of a novel nanocrystalline calcium sulfate based bone graft trade named NanoGen and launched it for commercial sale in August 2011. NanoGen is the FIRST & ONLY NANOTECHNOLOGY based bone graft material to have been approved by US FDA. It has shown promising results in clinical studies conducted. It has been studied and used extensively to treat extraction sockets, infrabony defects and apicoectomy cases. Rather than replacing bone like old fashioned grafts, it stimulates effective bone regeneration. Additional benefits of NanoGen: It has excellent drug delivery and growth factor delivery properties. It has strong potential in Orthopedics. Orthogen, LLC continues to sell first generation bone graft DentoGen for use as a binder. A first generation bone graft material, DentoGen®, is already available for sale.

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