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Optical Cable Corporation
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5290 Concourse Drive
Roanoke, VA 24019
   (540) 265-0690

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Optical Cable Corporation manufactures fiber optic and copper data communication cabling and connectivity solutions, primarily for the enterprise market, offering an integrated suite of warranted products. The company’s product offerings include designs for uses ranging from commercial, enterprise network, datacenter, residential and campus installations to customized products for specialty applications, and harsh environments, including military, industrial, mining, and broadcast applications. The company’s products include fiber optic and copper cabling, fiber optic and copper connectors, specialty fiber optic and copper connectors, fiber optic and copper patch cords, racks, cabinets, datacom enclosures, patch panels, face plates, multi-media boxes, and other cable and connectivity management accessories. Its fiber optic and copper cabling and connectivity products and solutions are used for transmission of data, video and voice communications over various distances. Fiber Optic Cable Products The company designs, manufactures, markets and sells a range of fiber optic cables that provide high bandwidth transmission of data, video and voice communications over short- to moderate-distances. A-Series Assembly Fiber Optic Cables: The company’s A-Series fiber optic cables contain one or two optical fibers which are surrounded by a layer of aramid yarn strength members to prevent the optical fiber from being stretched if there is tension on the fiber optic cable. These fiber optic cables are used for jumpers, which are short length patch cords, and for pigtails, which are short lengths of fiber optic cable with a connector on one end. Various special outer jacket materials are offered to provide flammability ratings and handling characteristics tailored to customers’ needs. These fiber optic cables are sometimes privately labeled and often sold to original equipment manufacturers that produce the fiber optic cable assemblies. B-Series Breakout Fiber Optic Cables: The company’s B-Series fiber optic cables consist of a number of subcables, each consisting of a single optical fiber, aramid yarn strength members and a subcable jacket. These subcables are generally tightbound in a performance Core-Locked outer jacket to form the finished multifiber fiber optic cables. The materials and construction of the fiber optic cable permit its use both indoors and outdoors. D-Series Distribution Fiber Optic Cables: The company’s D-Series fiber optic cables are made with the same tight-buffered optical fiber as the B-Series fiber optic cables and with a performance outer jacket. Its D-Series fiber optic cables also are available with a Core-Locked jacket. D-Series fiber optic cables are used in longer length segments of installations, such as trunking, LAN and distribution applications, optical fiber in the loop, optical fiber to the curb and drop cables. G-Series Subgrouping Fiber Optic Cables: The company’s G-Series fiber optic cables combine various multifiber subcables, each similar to a D-Series fiber optic cable. Each multifiber subcable generally is tightbound with an elastomeric jacket, providing mechanical and environmental performance. These subcables are further protected, generally with a pressure extruded, performance Core-Locked outer jacket, to form the finished fiber optic cable. These fiber optic cables are suited for installations where groups of optical fibers must be routed to different locations. Other Fiber Optic Cable Types: The company produces variations on the basic fiber optic cable styles for specialized installations, as well as various hybrid and composite cables. It could armor fiber optic cables with corrugated steel tape or interlocking armor for further protection in certain installations. It offers cables suitable for underground or overhead installations. For overhead installations on utility poles, it offers self-supporting fiber optic cables, with outer jackets, as well as M-Series aerial messenger cables, which include stainless steel or galvanized steel, self-supporting messengered construction. The company has fiber optic cables available in various flammability ratings, inc

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