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Novo Nordisk A/S
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Key People / Management

  Finn Benned Hansen -- Corporate Vice President, Diabetes Research Unit Diabetes Strategy and Sourcing, Novo Nordisk R&D

  Kristian Tage Hansen, Ph.D. Hansen -- Director, The Novo Nordisk Diabetes Innovation Award Program

  Jĝrn R Müller -- Corporate Vice President Novo Nordisk R&D, Biopharmaceuticals Sourcing

  Kristian Tage Hansen -- Director, The Novo Nordisk Diabetes Innovation Award Program

Location Information

Novo Alle
Bagsvaerd, DK 2880
   (454) 444-8888

Public Profile

Novo Nordisk A/S is a Denmark-based company engaged in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The present day firm was created in 1989 through a merger of two Danish companies which had been founded in the 1920s. The firm produces, in particular, diabetes care equipment and medications. Novo Nordisk is also involved with haemostasis management, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy. Novo Nordisk is researching pulmonary delivery systems for diabetic medications, and in the early stages of research into autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases, using technologies such as translational immunology and monoclonal antibodies. The Company reports two business segments: Diabetes care and Biopharmaceuticals. The Diabetes care division offers a range of diabetes products, including insulin pens and needles, such as FlexPen, NovoPen and FlexTouch, among others, and diabetes medicine, such as insulin- and non-insulin treatment, among others. The Biopharmaceuticals division provides products within the areas of haemophilia, growth hormone therapy, hormone replacement therapy, inflammation therapy and other therapy areas. As of December 31, 2012, the Company marketed its products in five reported geographical regions, namely North America, Europe, Region China, Japan and Korea, as well as International Operations. The Company wholly owns over 70 subsidiaries, such as Novo Nordisk Pharma GmbH, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc., Novo Nordisk Region Japan & Korea A/S, among others

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