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Novartis AG
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Key People / Management

  Daniel L Vasella -- Chairman

  Raj Agarwal -- CFO & Global Head of Stra

  Anne Altmeyer --

  Eric Bachman -- Translational Medicine

  R Scott Barry -- Associate Director

  Cathy A Benson -- Associate Director, New T

  Linda Brennan -- Business Opportunities &

  Loralie McGuire Brennen -- Clinical Trial Leader

  Angela D Bylancik --

  Ivan Chagoya -- Strategy & Innovation Head,

  Marcus Chambers -- Senior Manager New Therapeutic OpportunitiesOpportunities

  Conley Chee --

  Theodore Clemente -- Director, Business Devel

  Mark A Coflin --

  Barry Cohen -- Global Head of Innovation

  Julie Coulter -- OTC Research Director

  Gary Cupit -- VP, Global Business Devel

  Gordon Dawson -- Head, Global Product Development

  Kelley Dealhoy -- VP BD&L

  Lynn Dolan -- Director, Early Commercia

  Lambert Edelmann --

  Ermei E Fan -- Manager, Early Commercial

  Chris Fankhauser -- Head US External Development

  Bruce A Farkas -- BD&L Analyst

  Christine T Fischette -- Executive Director, Busin

  Lalit Gaur --

  Albert Ge -- Associate Director, New Technology & Product InnovationTechnology & Product Innovation

  Albert Ge -- Associate Director

  Brian J Goldfus --

  James T Goodwin -- Vice President, Competiti

  Milton H Grannatt --

  Bill Hutchison -- Novartis Marketing

  Steve Jurgens -- Global Head, Pharmaceutical Development

  Gary Kaplanovich --

  Vinit Kathardekar --

  Amal Khouri -- Canada

  Joe Kiely -- Director, Digestive & Nutritional Health

  Julius J S Knowles -- Head Platforms Stratgegic

  Christopher Kocun -- Global Head of GI Research and Medical Affairs

  Michael Kopcha -- VP & Global Head, Global Product Development

  Edward Koval --

  Sandra Lawrence --

  Kristen Lawson -- Web Portal Consultant Novartis Vaccines And Diagnostics

  Emily Lesica -- Director, Global Product Development (Cough/Cold Category Lead)

  Emily J Lesica -- Director, Global Product Development, Cough/Cold Lead

  Yuping Li -- Manager, External Development, Global Product Development

  Manuel B Litchman --

  Phil Livingstone -- VP Engineering, Packaging and HSE

  William R Mann -- Director

  Michael A Margolis -- Associate Director

  Uneek Mehra --

  Satya Murthy -- Associate Director

  Ammunje Nayak -- Head, External Development

  Karen Nelson --

  Georgina M Nemecek --

  Michael Pine --

  Sameer Rabbani -- Global Brand Head Theraflu/NeoCitran

  Stephen Raven -- VP, Global R&D Head Pain Category

  Regina Reardon --

  William Robertson --

  Dagmar Rosa-Bjorkeson --

  Rosanne Rotondo -- VP, Global R&D Category Lead Cough Cold Respiratory

  Philip A Round -- Director, Business Develo

  Eileen A Ryan --

  Manuel M Sardo --

  John M Sarracino --

  Alexander M Schobel -- Director of New Technolog

  Bette L Schultz -- Vice President, Business

  Neerja Sewak --

  Sheri Shafir --

  John W Sharkey -- Head, Business Developmen

  Lance Shaw -- Product Development Scientist and Manager

  Vineet Singhal -- Director-Business Develop

  Henry Skinner -- Managing Director Novartis Venture Funds

  Frank Smith -- Head of OTC Patents

  Andrew Snoddy --

  Theresa M Stevens --

  Mark Testai --

  Mark Testai -- Executive Director

  Robert L Thompson -- Vice President & General

  Praveen Tyle -- SVP and Global Head, BD&L

  Fred Walker -- VP - Global Marketing

  Carl Ward -- VP Global Head of New Marketing Opportunities

  Eric Whitters -- VP of R&D

  Carolyne Zimmermann --

Location Information

Lichtstrasse 35
Basel, SW 4056
   (416) 132-41111

Public Profile

Novartis AG, through its subsidiaries, engages in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of healthcare products worldwide. Its Pharmaceuticals division offers prescription medicines in various therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular and metabolism; oncology; neuroscience and ophthalmics; respiratory; integrated hospital care; and other additional products. The company?s Vaccines and Diagnostics division provides preventive vaccines and diagnostic tools. This division sells influenza, meningococcal, pediatric, and traveler vaccines; and blood testing and molecular diagnostics to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Its Sandoz division provides prescription medicines, as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnological active substances. This division offers active ingredients and finished dosage forms of medicines; active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates, primarily antibiotics; protein or biotechnology-based products; and cytotoxic products, as well as provides biotech manufacturing services to other companies. The company?s Consumer Health division consists of three business units: over-the-counter medicines (OTC), Animal Health, and CIBA Vision. OTC unit offers readily available consumer medicines. Animal Health unit provides veterinary products for farm and companion animals. CIBA Vision unit manufactures contact lenses and lens care products. It has strategic partnership with Lonza, a Swiss pharmaceuticals manufacturing company; and a research collaboration agreement with BioVista LLC. The company was founded in 1895 and is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

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