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Hitachi Chemical Company Ltd
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Major Corp
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Key People / Management

  Kazuyuki Tanaka -- President and Chief Executive Officer

  Shigeru Ito -- Vice President and Executive Officer

  Takashi Kawamura -- Chairman of the Board / Outside Director

  Yoshihiro Nomura -- Senior Vice President and Executive Officer

  Kazuyoshi Tsunoda -- Senior Vice President and Executive Officer

  Shunichiro Uchimura -- Vice President and Executive Officer

Location Information

Grantokyo South Tower 1-9-2 Marunouchi Chiyoda-Ku
Tokyo, JP 163-0449
   (813) 553-37000

Public Profile

Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd. is mainly engaged in the manufacture, process and sale of functional materials, advanced components and systems. The Functional Materials provides electronic materials such as semiconductor die bonding materials and epoxy molding compounds, electrical insulating varnishes; inorganic materials such as carbon products and ceramic products; resin materials such as adhesive films, films for display circuit connections and adhesives; wiring board materials such as copper clad laminates and photo-sensitive films. The Advanced Component and System offers auto parts such as resin molded articles, friction materials and powder metallurgy products; storage devices and systems such as vehicle batteries and industrial batteries and systems; electronic components including circuit boards; other products such diagnostic equipment.

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