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Genzyme Corporation (AKA:Biomatrix Inc~genzyme Biosurgery Corporation)
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Rare Genetic Diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, Cardiovascular Disease, Endocrinology
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Key People / Management

  Henri A Termeer -- Former Chairman, President, & CEO

  Ann Bonsett --

  Constantine Chinoporos --

  Kerry E Culm-Merdek --

  Jefferson E Davis --

  Nan Doyle -- Director, Corporate Devel

  Patrick Fowler --

  Carol A Greve-Philips -- Director, Corporate Devel

  Susan R Kahn -- Director, Business Develo

  Michael Monte --

  Bruce Pratt -- Vice President, Science D

  Jennifer A Tegfeldt --

  test testl --

  Radhika Tripuraneni --

Location Information

500 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142
   (617) 252-7500

Public Profile

In February 2011, Genzyme Corporation was acquired by French drug maker Sanofi-Aventis. Genzyme Corporation was founded as a biotechnology and health care products company focused on developing innovative products and services for major unmet medical needs. Genzyme Corp. has three divisions. Each division has its own common stock intended to reflect its value and track its performance. Genzyme General develops and markets therapeutic and surgical products and diagnostic products and services. Genzyme Tissue Repair is a leading developer of biological products for the treatment of cartilage damage, severe burns, chronic skin ulcers, and neurological disorders. Genzyme Molecular Oncology develops molecular approaches to cancer diagnosis and therapy through genomics, gene therapy, genetic diagnostics, and a small-molecule combinatorial chemistry drug discovery program. Genzyme Molecular Oncology's common stock is now publicly traded under the NASDAQ symbol GZMO. Genzyme Corporation is a diversified human healthcare company with product development, manufacturing and market capabilities in biotherapeutics, diagnostic products and services, and pharmaceuticals. The company's product portfolio focuses on rare genetic disorders as well as organ transplant, osteoarthritis, and renal disease. One of its main products, Cerezyme, is a leading treatment for Gaucher's disease, a rare enzyme-deficiency condition. Genzyme also is involved in drug development and genetic testing and other services. Genzyme Molecular Oncology develops gene-based cancer diagnosis and treatment products, and Genzyme Biosurgery primarily makes orthopedic medical and surgical products. In September 2010, Genzyme Corporation had sold its Genetics unit to Laboratory Corporation of America

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