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General Dynamics Corporation
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  Admiral Jay L Johnson -- Chairman, President & ceo

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2941 Fairview Park Drive Suite 100
Falls Church, VA 22042
   (703) 876-3000

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General Dynamics Corporation offers a portfolio of products and services in business aviation; combat vehicles, weapons systems and munitions; shipbuilding design, repair and construction; and information systems, technologies, and services. Segments The company’s segments include Aerospace, Combat Systems, Marine Systems, and Information Systems and Technology. AEROSPACE This segment designs, manufactures, and outfits a family of mid-size and large-cabin Gulfstream business-jet aircraft, and provides maintenance, refurbishment, outfitting and aircraft services for various business-jet, narrow-body and wide-body aircraft customers globally. The company provides aircraft for government and military service, with aircraft operating in 37 nations. These government aircraft are used for head-of-state/ executive transportation and various special-mission applications, including aerial reconnaissance, maritime surveillance, weather research and astronaut training. Jet Aviation expanded the Aerospace group’s portfolio to include premium aircraft-outfitting operations for airframes produced by other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Jet Aviation performs aircraft completions and refurbishments for business jets and narrow and wide-body commercial aircraft at locations in Europe and the United States. COMBAT SYSTEMS This segment engages in the design, development, production, support, and enhancement of tracked and wheeled military vehicles, weapons systems and munitions for the United States and its allies. The group’s product lines include wheeled combat and tactical vehicles; main battle tanks and tracked infantry vehicles; guns and ammunition-handling systems; ammunition and ordnance; chemical, biological and explosive detection systems; and drive train components and aftermarket parts. Combat Systems produces Strykers. The Stryker supports various missions with 10 variants: infantry carrier; command and control; medical evacuation; fire support; engineering; anti-tank; mortar carrier; reconnaissance; mobile gun system (MGS); and nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance vehicle (NBCRV). The company manufactures the M2 heavy machine gun and the MK19 and MK47 grenade launchers, as well as weapons for most U.S. fighter aircraft, including high-speed Gatling guns for fixed-wing aircraft and the Hydra-70 family of rockets. It also holds or sole-source munitions supply positions for products, such as the 120mm mortar and the 155mm and 105mm artillery projectile for the U.S. government; conventional bomb structures for the U.S. government; mortar systems and large-caliber ammunition for the Canadian Department of National Defence and military propellant for the North American market. The EFV offers sea maneuverability at speeds three times the platform’s capability and ground mobility equaling that of the Abrams tank. The company’s European business offers a range of products, including light- and medium-weight tracked and wheeled tactical vehicles, amphibious bridge systems, artillery systems, light weapons, ammunition and propellants. These include the Leopard 2E tank and the Pizarro tracked infantry vehicle, produced for the Spanish army; the Pandur II armored combat vehicle, produced for the Portuguese army and navy; the Eagle wheeled vehicle for Germany; and the Piranha wheeled armored vehicle, which the group has sold to various European countries. MARINE SYSTEMS This segment designs, builds, and supports submarines and surface ships for the U.S. Navy and commercial ships for Jones Act customers. Its portfolio of platforms and capabilities includes nuclear-powered submarines (Virginia Class); surface combatants (DDG-51, DDG-1000, LCS); auxiliary and combat-logistics ships (T-AKE); commercial ships; design and engineering; and overhaul, repair and lifecycle support services. The company’s mature Navy construction programs consist of the fast-attack Virginia-class nuclear-powered submarine, the Arleigh Burke-class (DDG-51) guided-missile destroyer and the Lewis and Clark-class (T-AKE) dry cargo/ammunition combat-logistics ship. The Virginia-class program includes 30 submarines, which the customer is procuring in multi-ship blocks. Marine Systems designs and produces Arleigh Burke destroyers, a class of surface combatants and the active destroyer in the Navy’s global surface fleet. INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY This segment provides technologies, products and services that support a range of government and commercial digital-communication and information-sharing needs. Tactical and strategic mission systems: The company designs, manufactures, and delivers communications network systems, ruggedized computers, command-and-control systems and operational hardware to customers with in the U.S. Department of Defense, the intelligence community and federal civilian agencies, and to international customers. The JTRS program provides interoperable communications among all branches of the U.S. military on multi-channel, software-defined radios. The group is developing JTRS HMS radios, which connect soldiers, sensors and robotics platforms to the Army’s network, enhancing the dismounted soldier’s situational awareness and combat effectiveness. The company provides many capabilities to non-U.S. customers as well, including the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence, the Canadian Department of National Defence, the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and the Romanian Ministry of Defense. Information technology and mission services: The company provides mission-critical information technology (IT) and skilled mission-support services to U.S. defense and intelligence communities, federal civilian agencies and select commercial customers. The group also focuses on design, development and integration of wireline and wireless voice, video and data networks; mission simulation and training services; healthcare technology solutions; and secures identification and credentialing capabilities. The company supplies network-modernization and IT infrastructure services to U.S. government customers. It supports all Air Force main operating bases. Information Systems and Technology provides healthcare technology solutions, including data management, analytics, claims fraud prevention and detection software, decision support and process automation that support the fast-growing needs for technology modernization of both U.S. federal agencies and commercial healthcare organizations. In Iraq, the group supports the Army’s military healthcare IT mission, helping ensure continuity of care for injured soldiers by providing accurate, timely information to medical staff both in the field and at treatment facilities. Intelligence mission systems: The company provides mission-related systems integration, development and operations support to customers in the U.S. defense, intelligence, space and homeland security communities, and select allies. These include signals and information collection, processing and distribution systems; special-purpose computing; multi-level security; data mining and fusion; cyber security services; and open-architecture mission systems and service-oriented architecture. In 2009, the company acquired Axsys Technologies, Inc., to include sensors and optical components for defense, aerospace, homeland security and commercial systems. Customers The company's major customers include the U.S. government, including the U.S. Department of Defense and intelligence community; and the U.S. commercial customers, including individuals and public and privately held companies representing a range of industries. International The company conducts business with government customers worldwide with subsidiary operations in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Its international commercial business consists primarily of business-jet aircraft exports and the delivery of aircraft support from a worldwide service network. The market for business-jet aircraft and related services outside North America and includes in Europe, the Middle East, India, and the Asia-Pacific region.

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