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Enginuity Power Systems
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Next generation of engine and generator technology with its patented four-stroke inwardly opposed piston engine.
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  Jacques Beaudry-Losique -- President

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730 S Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
   (571) 800-3299

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Enginuity Power Systems is the leading innovator in highly efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems which allow consumers to live their lives comfortably, on or off the grid, while saving money. Enginuity’s E1 (E/One) micro CHP system is an efficient generator which also delivers hot water and heat on demand. Powered by Enginuity’s proprietary engine technology, the entire system fits within the footprint of a standard water heater, and yet produces enough power to satisfy the electrical power requirements of a home. For added peace of mind, the E/One can seamlessly take over during power failures, keeping your home independent of the grid. What differentiates Enginuity is that we have developed and built a patented family of engines that leapfrog conventional engine technology. While other CHP developers have attempted to force existing engines to fit their systems, Enginuity developed the first engine purpose-built specifically for indoor electrical production. On the Defense side, Enginuity’s proposed RIHGS System based on the E1 platform, recently won a U.S. Army award to develop a cutting-edge hybrid portable power system. For larger applications requiring more power, Enginuity’s E2 (E/Two) product line can supply energy for larger homes with pools and the light commercial marketplace. When integrated with solar and batteries, both E/One and E/Two can bring the benefits of “timed generation” to homes and businesses, as well as utilities. Using this simple and reliable CHP, Enginuity is working to make the new E/One “The Heart of the Home”.

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