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Chiron Corporation (AKA: Protos Corporation)
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Diagnostic Substances
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Mid-size Corp
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Key People / Management

  Gene W Walther -- President; Global Head, Diagnostics, Novartis

  Marguerite Baxter --

  Patrick Bigot -- Director, Business Develo

  Leander Lauffer -- VP, Business Development

  Peng Khun Leong -- Senior Licensing Associat

  Joyce A Lonergan -- Vice President, Corp Dev

  R Patrick McCloskey -- Senior Licensing Associat

  Lauren S Miller -- Associate Director, Busin

  Charles M Moehle -- Director, Business Develo

  Sean K OíConnell -- Director of Business Deve

  Michael P Smith -- Director, Corporate Devel

  Ronald E Susek -- Director,Business Develop

  Martha A Truett -- Senior Director, Collabor

Location Information

4560 Horton Street Q-214
Emeryville, CA 94608
   (510) 655-8730

Public Profile

Initially concentrated around the field of ophthalmology, Chiron was involved with vision and diagnostics, Chiron sold those units to focus on biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, and blood testing. Named for a half-man/half-horse character from Greek mythology, Chiron developed treatments and preventatives for diseases including AIDS, hepatitis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. The company expanded through a series of acquisitions, had offices and facilities in eighteen countries on five continents and was generating up to $2B in annual revenue. ChironÂ’s products included treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, treatments of lung infections, cancer treatments and the manufacture of the MMR vaccine. The company's flagship product, Proleukin, targeted fighting cancer and tumors. Much of Chiron's research was carried out in alliance with educational institutions and with such larger pharmaceutical companies as Novartis, which owned about 45% of the company before fully acquiring the firm in 2006.

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