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ATMI (AKA: Advanced Technology Materials Inc)
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Specialty semiconductor materials. Strong Bioscience component
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7 Commerce Drive
Danbury, CT 06810
   (203) 794-1100

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In February 2014 ATMI was acquired by Entegris Inc for $1.15 Billion. Formerly very active and highly effective in SBIR, ATMI, Inc. supplies various high-performance materials, materials packaging, and materials delivery systems with applications in the semiconductor, flat-panel display More recently the firm has made a major shift the life sciences industry worldwide. With faciliites now all over the world, the firm's products had primarily include front-end semiconductor performance materials; sub-atmospheric pressure gas delivery systems for safe handling and delivery of toxic and hazardous gases to semiconductor process equipment; and high-purity materials packaging and dispensing systems that enable the introduction of low volatility liquids and solids to microelectronics and biopharmaceutical processes. The company provides applications and analytical support services to integrated circuit (IC) fabrication, including ion implant and interconnect materials, surface preparation, copper plating, deposition, and delivery systems; flat-panel displays, such as advanced high-purity materials packaging and dispensing systems; and disposable containment, mixing, and bioreactor systems for the biotechnology and laboratory markets. The company furnishes chip makers with ultrapure materials and related packaging and delivery systems used during semiconductor production (about 90% of sales). ATMI also serves manufacturers of flat-panel displays (produced much like semiconductors, with glass substrates). As part of a major move into the life sciences market, the company in 2008 acquired LevTech, a provider of disposable mixing systems to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. More recetly the firm has also acquired Belgian biotechnology firm Artelis S.A., an innovator in the area of highly-efficient bioprocesses and technologies for cell culture research and manufacturing scale-up. Customers in the Asia/Pacific region account for around two-thirds of sales, while the US provides approximately one-fifth of sales. In March 2004, ATMI divested itself of the gallium nitride substrates and epitaxy divisions of its operation to Cree, a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor materials and devices based on silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), silicon (Si), and related compounds - itself a longtime involved SBIR awardee.

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