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Xtendwave Announces Availability of Patented Technology for LTE Interference Mitigation
Date: Sep 05, 2013
Author: Press Release
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Featured firm in this article: Xtendwave Inc of Dallas, TX

Provides 2X or More Data Rate Improvement in Capacity-Constrained LTE Networks

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2013) - Xtendwave today announced the company has been issued patent No. 8,520,550 dated August 27, 2013 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Intra-cell And Inter-cell Interference Mitigation Methods For Orthogonal Frequency-division Multiple Access Cellular Networks.

The issued patent, as well as pending patents, cover the company's receiver-based digital signal-processing technology, Xtendwave Wireless Interference Cancellation (XWIC™), which can simultaneously mitigate both inter- and intra-cell interference in an LTE mobile device. The efficient unified implementation of interference mitigation enables XWIC™ to outperform alternative receiver-based solutions. The XWIC™ module, available as licensable IP, enables performance gains that benefit the entire LTE ecosystem by improving end-users' quality-of-service and overall experience, by increasing capacity in congested networks, and by enabling product differentiation for LTE mobile device and chipset manufacturers. Features include:

2x or more throughput gain over existing solutions in congested cells
Power-efficient, reduced-complexity implementation
Minimal latency and no data-rate overhead
Meets mobile device stringent form factor, power consumption, and cost constraints
Conforms to existing LTE standards

Xtendwave has actively engaged with companies in the industry in developing the technology, with SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) funding support from the National Science Foundation. Xtendwave's XWIC™ technology is available on a license basis. "Xtendwave recognizes the importance of optimizing the use of LTE spectrum and bandwidth. Our interference mitigation technology helps mobile device and chipset manufacturers more effectively use available bandwidth, and the benefits are available through implementation in mobile device chipsets, with no required changes to base stations," said Xtendwave President Dennis Robbins.

About Xtendwave: Xtendwave, based in Dallas, Texas, is a fabless semiconductor company developing physical-layer communication technologies enabling improved performance over various media through increased data rates, greater distances, and higher quality-of-service. Xtendwave is a provider of ICs and IP to customers in the precise timekeeping industries and telecommunications industries. Xtendwave has strong collaborative relationships with leading universities, and is the recipient of numerous SBIR awards.

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