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Voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy (vcma) switch and magneto-electric memory (meram) WO 2012159078 A3
Date: Mar 28, 2013
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Voltage controlled magnetic tunnel junctions and memory devices are described which provide efficient high speed switching of non-volatile magnetic devices at high cell densities. Implementations are described which provide a wide range of voltage control alternatives with in-plane and perpendicular magnetization, bidirectionally switched magnetization, and control of domain wall dynamics.

Publication number WO2012159078 A3
Publication type Application
Application number PCT/US2012/038693
Publication date Mar 28, 2013
Filing date May 18, 2012
Priority date May 19, 2011
Also published as WO2012159078A2
Inventors AMIRI Pedram KHALILI, Kang Wang, Kosmas Galatsis
Applicant The Regents Of The University Of California