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US Patent Granted To Chrono Therapeutics Inc. For I ts Chrono- Pharmacological Drug Delivery Systems And Applicati ons
Date: Jun 02, 2010
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Featured firm in this article: Chrono Therapeutics Inc of Hayward, CA

Hamilton, New Jersey, June 2, 2010-- Chrono Therapeutics
Inc. (Chrono), a
privately held company that pioneers chrono therapeut
ic health care products,
announced today that it has been awarded another Uni
ted States patent to
protect its chrono-pharmacological systems and applications
Guy DiPierro, CEO of Chrono, noted that this new pa
tent grant enhances
Chrono’s exclusivity for what is believed to be the nex
t revolutionary change in
therapeutics-namely tailored chrono-pharmacological the
rapies. Mr DiPierro
noted that this new patent grant also affirms the nove
lty of Chrono’s technology
and believes it will considerably reduce any potential
risk to the Chrono group.
About Chrono Therapeutics’ Intellectual Property (I
Chrono Therapeutics’ IP estate includes issued, allowed,
and granted
fundamental patents in several of the world’s major ph
armaceutical markets. This
IP protects Chrono’s chrono-pharmacological applications a
nd non-invasive drug
delivery systems. Additional patents are and will soon b
e pending worldwide.
About Chrono Therapeutics
Chrono Therapeutics Inc. is specialty pharmaceutical compan
y developing novel
therapeutic systems and methods to become the
global leader in Chrono
Therapeutic based healthcare drug products. The signific
ant advantages of
chrono therapeutic based therapies have now become wide
ly recognized and are
quickly coming to the forefront as the next major advan
ce in treating indications.
The company is applying its therapeutic expertise to dev
elop these chrono
therapeutic and tailored applications that seek to dram
atically increase efficacy
over traditional non-tailored applications while decre
asing adverse side effects
and accumulated tolerance. The company’s leadership with
chrono therapeutic
optimized application and methodologies and fundament
al patents, technology,
and know-how has proven key in forming major alliances
with leading companies
Chrono Therapeutics Inc.
Guy DiPierro, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (609) 838 2572