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University of Georgia's Venturelab Awards Down to Earth Energy a Research Grant
Date: Dec 15, 2009
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Featured firm in this article: Down to Earth Energy LLC of Monroe, GA

(Athens, Ga - Dec 15, 2009) Stefan Schulze, Associate Director of the Georgia BioBusiness Center states "The University of Georgia, through the Georgia BioBusiness Center, strongly supports and endorses the research being conducted by Down to Earth Energy (DTEE) to develop efficient solid catalysts for biodiesel production. We believe that the technology being developed by DTEE in collaboration with University of Georgia scientists has significant commercial potential. To sponsor the further development of this promising technology, the Georgia BioBusiness Center has enrolled DTEE in the Georgia Research Alliance’s VentureLab program and a Phase I VentureLab contract has been awarded to DTEE. Further funding and support may be made available as the company meets the goals and milestones outlined in the Phase I project."

Rick Huszagh, CEO of DTEE indicated that their company is very excited about the award and the continued collaboration this funding will provide in their work with the University of Georgia.