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Sensity Systems Acquires Leading Computer Vision Systems Provider Eutecus: Strengthens Sensity's Strategy to Leverage Computer Vision for Smart City Applications
Date: Aug 09, 2016
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Featured firm in this article: EUTECUS Inc of Berkeley, CA

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sensity Systems Inc., provider of a leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform for Smart Cities, today announced it has acquired Eutecus, an embedded software and configurable processor solutions provider for critical video and multi-sensory analytics systems. The combined company will provide customers with leading computer vision powered solutions in a comprehensive IoT platform for Smart Cities.

"We realized very early that video would be the most powerful sensor for delivering actionable, real-time information to Smart City applications," said Hugh Martin, Chairman and CEO of Sensity Systems. "To capitalize on this opportunity, we formed a relationship with Eutecus three years ago to help build the world's first Smart City Vision System and integrate it into our NetSense platform. Today, we are leading with 42 Smart City installations worldwide, and this success would not have been possible without the Eutecus technology. We are pleased to have Eutecus join us and build on our long-term strategy."

Sensity's approach to public safety and security, traffic management and parking leverages the lighting infrastructure and incorporates distributed storage and processing, multi-sensory analytics, and a pervasive sensory network to improve these applications and services, while also protecting personal privacy. With this acquisition, the combination of Sensity's technology and Eutecus' computer vision system enables Sensity's NetSense platform to convert raw video at the edge into real-time, actionable information so that vast amounts of high-definition (HD) video does not need to be transmitted over wireless networks to a human-monitored, centralized location for processing. As a result, Sensity is able to bridge the gap between cost and functionality while achieving a broad implementation of visual sensors for smart cities, malls, airports, stadiums, and campuses. Eutecus' in-vehicle vision systems and solutions also enable extending Sensity's intelligent lighting network to a collaborative dynamic infrastructure, further improving scene understanding and event interpretation for future applications.

"The Eutecus team is excited to be part of Sensity," said Csaba Rekeczky, CEO and President of Eutecus, who has joined Sensity as Vice President of Advanced Analytics and Vision Systems. "We've been at the forefront of research and development of neuromorphic and bio-inspired computing technology for embedded vision solutions, powering a range of industrial and automotive applications. Our team and technology solutions augment Sensity's leadership in Smart Cities."

"The Eutecus technology offers cross-platform, reconfigurable, scalable and remotely upgradable embedded computer vision functionality that detect actionable events instantly, allowing Sensity's Video Nodes to power a wide variety of Smart City applications," said Sean Harrington, COO of Sensity. "We are pleased to have the talented Eutecus team on-board, working closely with our teams to continue building world-class video and multi-sensory analytics solutions for smart parking, traffic management, and public safety and security."

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