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Ridgetop Group, Inc. Signs 30-Month Contract with the Boeing Company to Supply Advanced Condition-Based Maintenance Technology for Boeing's AH-64 Apache Helicopter
Date: Jan 11, 2012
Source: BusinessWeek

Featured firm in this article: Ridgetop Group Inc of Tucson, AZ

Ridgetop Group, Inc. announced the award of a 30-month contract with The Boeing Company in Mesa, AZ to supply advanced condition-based maintenance technology for Boeing's AH-64 Apache helicopter. Ridgetop will be supporting Boeing in the development of prognostic models for the Apache's electrical system, to predict the remaining useful life of selected electrical components and wiring. The use of prognostics, with indicators for the state of health of internal components, supports proactive maintenance by determining the quality of performance of these components and their impact on the system as a whole. Prognostics will enable vast improvements over the current maintenance approach, which is reactive to faults and failures that occur. Reactive maintenance translates into high operational costs due to extensive aircraft downtime. This contract award will help maintain Ridgetop Group's continued growth in the Southwest region. Ridgetop has been collaborating with Boeing on CBM and radiation-hardened related projects since 2006.