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Recovery Force and Mayo Clinic collaborate on Wearable Med-Tech Garments
Date: Jan 25, 2018
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Featured firm in this article: Recovery Force LLC of Fishers, IN

FISHERS, Ind., Jan. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recovery Force - a medical device company focused on enhancing circulation and accelerating recovery from surgery or injury through the use of its patented active compressions™ technology platform, announced today a collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

"We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with the progressive thinking team at Mayo Clinic on the development, assessment, and validation of our technology. Mayo brings an invaluable perspective from the clinical environment on how we might best leverage our portfolio of products. We look forward to gaining knowledge of their clinical workflow, strategic fit, and outcome potential utilizing our innovative devices," said Matthew Wyatt, Recovery Force Founder and CEO. The Recovery Force platform embeds shape changing fibers into garments and footwear to create lightweight wearable active compressions providing users with improved circulation and the mobility necessary for a quicker recovery. This is all accomplished in a low profile, comfortable wearable that can be worn under or over clothing and requires no external pumps or hoses, so it is silent and discrete, which is an industry first and important for adoption and improved patient compliance.

The collaboration provides Mayo access to the company's intellectual property while providing Recovery Force access to Mayo's research, development and organizational resources. The two organizations will work together in areas of future product development, integrating the company's technology to optimize clinical workflow, and develop "Best Practices" for improved patient outcomes.

The relationship is being managed by Mayo Clinic Ventures, the commercialization arm of Mayo Clinic.

About Recovery Force
Recovery Force is committed to enhancing circulation for human performance. The company has developed a wearable technology platform of garments and footwear leveraging shape changing fibers, and a proprietary algorithm to deliver rhythmic, sequential compressions that enhance circulation to the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.

Contact: Matthew Wyatt
President and CEO
Recovery Force, LLC

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