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Portland's Galois wins $8.1 million Air Force cyberwarfare contract
Date: Jul 01, 2013
Author: Mike Francis
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Featured firm in this article: Galois Inc of Portland, OR

Portland's Galois Inc. has enlisted in the U.S. military's efforts to fight cyberwars.

The company has won an $8.1 million, four-year--plus contract to provide what's described as "advanced multi-integration sensor engineering reports." The goal of the contract, according to the Department of Defense, is to research and develop automated ways to build cyberwar plans using graphical user interfaces.

The Air Force got 62 bids on the job. Work will be performed in Portland.

Galois is a 14-year-old, low-profile, advanced research and development company that works in the realms of privacy and security. It also is part of a team led by Menlo Park, Calif.,-based SRI International to design a trustworthy mobile phone for the Marines.

The company is named for 19th century French mathematician Evariste Galois. Galois pioneered forms of abstract algebra, scribbling many of his theories hurriedly on the eve of a duel that killed him at age 20.