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Onegevity Health Partners with Gencove to Incorporate Sequencing into Its Consumer Health Intelligence Service
Date: Feb 06, 2019
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Featured firm in this article: Gencove Inc of New York, NY

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Onegevity Health, a new consumer health intelligence company, announced a partnership with Gencove, a leader in genome sequencing and analytics, to incorporate genome sequencing into its consumer health intelligence service.

Low-pass genome sequencing added to @Onegevity Health's new consumer health intelligence platform.
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Gencove will provide its cost-effective and scalable low-pass sequencing technology to support Onegevity Health's multi-omic artificial intelligence (AI) platform, consumer-friendly products, and digital services.

Onegevity Health delivers science-based recommendations for customized nutrition, clinically-studied supplements, and pre- and post-biotics to improve health outcomes. The company's first product, GutBioTM, combines its advanced Metagenome+™ sequencing technology with AI-based personalized insights and recommendations to help individuals manage and improve gut health. The partnership with Gencove will allow it to expand its offering to include genome sequencing.

Onegevity Health was founded by scientific pioneers Drs. Joel Dudley and Chris Mason, along with Thorne CEO Paul Jacobson. The partnership with Thorne will leverage the company's network of 35,000 physicians. Gencove was founded by leading scientists from the New York Genome Center.

Gencove and Onegevity Health also plan to leverage the growing multi-omics database for research and therapeutic development. Compared to other commonly used technologies in direct-to-consumer genomics such as genotyping arrays, Gencove's low-pass sequencing will integrate whole genome data, which in turn will accelerate research on rare genetic variants and early-stage drug target discovery.

According to Jacobson, "Gencove's low-pass sequencing technologies provide us with the opportunity to apply genome sequencing at the scale necessary to truly impact population health and also ensure the greatest capacity to integrate future discoveries in all areas of the genome, from known genes to novel non-coding RNAs to regulatory regions, all of which are missed by vendors using arrays or exome capture. Also, genome-microbiome interactions can only truly be modeled by having such integrated data sets from each person."

Joe Pickrell, CEO and co-founder of Gencove, added, "We are excited to support the scientific vision of Onegevity Health and its mission to improve consumer wellness."

About Onegevity Health

Based in New York, Onegevity Health delivers science-based, consumer-friendly recommendations for customized nutrition, clinically-studied supplements and pre- and pro-biotics to improve health outcomes. Onegevity provides a comprehensive molecular portrait and customized recommendations for an individual's health based on integrated analysis of longitudinal blood, genetics, and microbiome profiles. Onegevity leverages partner company Thorne's network of 35,000 physicians to offer convenient testing and powerful analytical tools to improve preventative care and lower healthcare costs for their patients.

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