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North Shore InnoVentures Adds Six New Companies to Its Technology Incubator
Date: Jun 05, 2013
Author: Dale Earl
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Featured firm in this article: Lariat Biosciences Inc of Beverly, MA

Martha Farmer, Ph.D.
President & CEO
North Shore Innoventures
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Paul Sagan
KCSA Strategic Communications
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North Shore InnoVentures Adds Six New Companies to its Technology Incubator

Startup Companies in Biotech and Cleantech Fields Join Massachusetts Incubator and Business Accelerator

BEVERLY, Massachusetts, June 5, 2013. North Shore InnoVentures, (NSIV) one of New England's leading technology incubators and business accelerators, announced today that six new startup companies in the cleantech and life sciences sectors have joined as members since March 2013, for a total of 21 companies now in the program.

"This is a record number of companies joining our incubator at once and is reflective of the improving business climate and continuing growth opportunities for startups in Massachusetts," said Martha Farmer, CEO of North Shore Innoventures. "Each of these companies has remarkably innovative technologies and the scientific and management teams that will prove crucial to their future commercial development. We look forward to helping with their success."

North Shore InnoVentures operates technology business incubators to nurture innovative early stage companies and support sustained economic growth in the North Shore region. NSIV focuses on cleantech and life sciences, two of the strongest technology clusters in Massachusetts, and provides creative business acceleration services that increase the success rate for early-stage companies and their investors.

The six early-stage companies joining NSIV to take advantage of its facilities, cost savings, mentoring and collaboration opportunities include:

Akita Innovations, -- -- using advanced materials technologies to solve research and product development challenges for commercial and government customers. Akita's experience in novel materials and molecular systems are used in sensing, photonics and selectively permeable barriers for environmental protection.

Apptomics, -- developing mobile applications and devices to help patients, caregivers and health care professionals to better manage symptoms of neurological conditions.

Lariat Biosciences -- developing a non-invasive diagnostic to detect early signs of cancer based on circulating free DNA within the bloodstream, enabling comprehensive genotyping of the DNA mutations that give rise to tumorigenesis and resistance to therapeutic treatments.

RAN Biotechnologies, -- providing specialty chemicals for biotechnology applications. These include insoluble materials for capturing, purifying and diagnosing viruses, bacteria and proteins. RAN Biotech also provides materials, such as fluorosurfactants and chip surface coatings, for droplet microfluidics.

Quad Technologies, LLC, -- developing a unique dissolvable hydrogel, which mitigates non-specific binding to address a wide range of scientific challenges including protein purification and rare cell separation.

ZS Genetics, -- developing a third-generation DNA sequencing technology to address market needs in key areas of genomics research: what can be studied, the pace at which data can be understood, and the cost of discovery research. The long read (40,000+ base pair) and single molecule capability of ZSG's technology will help researchers find the answers to major medical problems like cancer and infectious disease response.

"The impressive growth of North Shore InnoVentures demonstrates that Massachusetts' North Shore continues to be one of the best places in the country to start a technology company," said State Senator, Joan B. Lovely (2nd Essex District). "Many successful entrepreneurs make their homes here and as a result we have one of the greatest concentrations of life science and cleantech companies in the state. North Shore InnoVentures has tapped many of those successful entrepreneurs who enjoy giving back by mentoring startups. We need to continue to build the ecosystem these startup companies need to flourish, as they will be key to our state's economic growth in the future."

"Having access to North Shore InnoVentures' strong core of laboratory facilities will be invaluable as we advance our technology development," said Jonathan Larson, Ph.D., CEO of Lariat Biosciences. "But equally important is the ability to collaborate with other scientists and researchers in the incubator and take advantage of NSIV's extensive network of mentors and business contacts."

About North Shore InnoVentures

North Shore InnoVentures (NSIV) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) business incubator headquartered at the burgeoning cluster of more than sixty life sciences and cleantech businesses at the Cummings Center in Beverly, MA. NSIV is dedicated to accelerating the growth of innovative early-stage life sciences and cleantech businesses and supporting the economic growth of Boston's North Shore. Its management, board of directors, advisory board, and mentors bring a wealth of entrepreneurship experience in addition to business development and technical expertise. Further support comes from sponsors who contribute marketing, legal, operational and educational services.