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Mezmeriz NSF Grant Award Reaches $200K
Date: Jul 09, 2010
Author: press release
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Featured firm in this article: Mezmeriz Inc of Ithaca, NY

Mezmeriz, Inc. announced today that the National Science Foundation ("NSF") has awarded the Company an additional $50,000 in funds to support the previously awarded SBIR Phase I grant for the company's carbon fiber MEMS pico projector. This grant is a continuation of the NSF grant of $150,000 from earlier this year, and is based on matching $100,000 funding provided by investors. This NSF award will accelerate the development of the video projector using carbon fiber enhanced MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology to build a projection unit that is energy efficient and small enough to fit into a mobile phone.

Brad Treat, Mezmeriz's CEO said, "We are delighted that the NSF has awarded the Company an additional $50,000 to further the development of our carbon fiber MEMS technology. This technology will enable a next-generation of mobile projectors that can be seamlessly embedded into mobile phones, tablet computers, and other electronic devices." Furthermore, Mezmeriz Founder & CTO Shahyaan Desai stated, "This grant from the NSF will help accelerate the development of the materials technology at the heart of our product. It will result in display systems that are able to produce a large video display from short distances -- at a fraction of the power consumption of alternative display technologies. The mobile phone industry has struggled with how to get a large display from a small device, and our embeddable projector solves that problem".

About Mezmeriz, Inc:

Mezmeriz, Inc. is a MEMS company based on materials science technology developed by the company's founder Shahyaan Desai at Cornell University. The Company's unique technology is based on patented research into the use of carbon fiber integrated in MEMS structures, which result in micron-sized structures which have significant performance advantages over traditional silicon and other MEMS materials. The company has labs and offices at 95 Brown Road, Suite 184, in Ithaca, New York, 14850 -- approximately 5 miles from the campus of Cornell University.

SOURCE: Mezmeriz, Inc.