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MattsenKumar LLC, Launches Speech Analytics Suite in Collaboration with Voci Technologies
Date: Aug 01, 2016
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Featured firm in this article: Voci Technologies Incorporated of Pittsburgh, PA

MattsenKumar LLC, or "MK", announces the launch of its new Speech Analytics offering -- MK SmartSpeech Powered by Vociā„¢. SmartSpeech™leverages MK's vast expertise in customized analytics consulting and Voci's advanced speech analytics capabilities to create a powerful all-in-one research platform

Taking data and cost effectively extracting the relevant insights to help customers raise the bar is what it's all about,

MattsenKumar LLC, or "MK", announces the release of its new solution within the growing speech analytics industry. SmartSpeech Powered by Voci™leverages MK's expertise in providing customized analytics consulting to clients across industries and geographies. In leveraging Voci's advanced speech analytics capability, SmartSpeech™will blend technology, data analytics and customized tools to maximize the value of unstructured voice data.

With its partnership with Voci, a world leader in speech technology, MK's SmartSpeech provides a speech transcription and analytics product suite that offers unprecedented opportunities to leverage the 36 billion phone calls handled by agents annually. Voci's proprietary HyperVox™speech recognition technology analyzes speech according to client needs, identifying gender, emotion, diarization and customized requirements, both in batch processing and in real time. The resulting all-in-one research platform delivers valuable insights designed to radically improve customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

"Combining MK's advanced, customized analytics services with Voci's best-in-class technology results in data insights that far exceed anything in the marketplace today," states Gaurav Rai, SVP of Innovation & Strategy for MattsenKumar. "Our clients are clamoring for the ability to extract more details from their customer interaction data, and this partnership ensures that more data can be transformed into actionable ROI."

Anthony Gadient, Voci CEO, is equally excited about the collaboration: "We are combining our advanced speech analytics technology with the vast experience of MK's analysts who understand how to leverage data to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness of call centers. The combination will bring unprecedented value to the call center industry."

As SmartSpeech augments MattsenKumar's Analytics Services portfolio significantly, Mike Mattsen, MK's CEO, hinted at a host of additional products and services on the way.

"Taking data and cost effectively extracting the relevant insights to help customers raise the bar is what it's all about," he stated. "Our tools and services have a price point that will enable even smaller companies to leverage deep analytics to learn more about opportunities---and SmartSpeech is simply the first of several new services that will provide these capabilities."

Rai and Mattsen report that early results have been very encouraging, and that they expect this line of business to grow significantly. According to industry analysts, speech analytics is expected to grow from a $500 million dollar business today to over $2 billion in next three years. Leveraging the highly linear thinking engineers from India, MK can deliver one of the most cost effective Speech Analytics services in the space today.

About MattsenKumar -
MattsenKumar (MK), founded in 2010, is a full suite BPO services company, offering contact center services including and based on in-depth consulting, social media analytics and, now, speech. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, MK's operating unit and its 'engine' is based in Gurgaon, India, a suburb of the capital New Delhi. MK's client focused and data driven approach has propelled its services, bringing in innovation and inventiveness even in the very price sensitive BPO space. With the addition of Speech Analytics to its portfolio, MK is determined to provide even richer insights for improved turnaround, reduced costs, error reduction and improved and timely decision making. For more information, visit MK Speech Analytics website.

About Voci -
Voci Technologies enables enterprises to extract actionable intelligence from their voice data. The company's speech recognition engine runs orders of magnitude faster and with greater accuracy than alternatives, providing all data in an open format that allows for effortless integration with any existing analytics platforms. Voci's domain- and data-specific speech intelligence solutions meet business requirements for customer experience, call center operations, compliance, surveys and visual voicemail. For more information, visit our website.