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Featured firm in this article: Protonex Technology Corporation of Southborough, MA

Protonex Technology Corporation is a leading provider of high-performance power management and portable fuel cell products for military and government organizations. The Company has effectively commercialized and deployed several of its products, and has received development programs from U.S. military and government organizations that include the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, DARPA, DOE, and SOCOM. These programs offer Protonex the competitive advantage in identifying and providing advanced power solutions to the military and high value commercial applications.

Reduction in the number and type of batteries used in combat operations has become an urgent need within the Office of Secretary of Defense. To address this need, Protonex developed man-wearable power management devices that allow the user access to a variety of available energy sources (vehicles, solar and batteries) to capitalize on their existing rechargeable batteries. The result: significant reduction in number and types of batteries, reduced field logistics requirements, enhanced power reliability, cost savings, and up to 50% improvement in energy use with corresponding weight reductions.

Portable fuel cells also facilitate use of less batteries as they allow units to re-charge batteries while on the move. A series of proprietary fuel reformers that are both small and allow operation on a variety of available fuels (methanol, propane, kerosene, diesel, gasoline, biofuels, and military fuels). Protonex portable fuel cells have a wide range of additional uses that include, sustained emergency power, marine power, extended surveillance power, vehicle auxiliary power units (APUs), unmanned aerial (UAV) and underwater (UUV) vehicle propulsion. These power systems are among the industry's smallest, lightest and highest performing fuel cell systems for portable power applications.

Stock Information

Protonex' capital stock is held by venture firms, investment firms, strategic investors, and individual investors, both in the U.S. and abroad. From July 2006 until June 2010, Protonex' common stock was traded on the AIM exchange, the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. Protonex, with the strong support of its stockholders, determined to delist its common stock from the AIM Exchange effective as of June 21, 2010. All sales, transfers, or other dispositions of Protonex capital stock must be completed in strict compliance with all applicable state and federal securities laws. Please contact Protonex' Chief Financial Officer, Christopher R. Schuster, at (508) 490-9960 prior to consummating any transaction involving Protonex' capital stock.
Annual Reports

Annual reports are not currently available for release to the public at this time. Current investors, click here to request a copy of the most recent Protonex Technology Corporation annual report.

Protonex' management team is comprised of seasoned executives with over 20 years average experience across start-ups, turnarounds, and global industrial and electronics manufacturers. Our technology is covered by a substantial IP portfolio of over 100 granted and pending patents involving advances in stack design, fuel reformation, power electronics and system integration / control.