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Date: Jun 09, 2013
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Featured firm in this article: Amplification Technologies Inc of Paramus, NJ

Ticker: PSFT Alert Price: 0.07 Float: 12,000,000 Shares Outstanding: 62,763,622 Current Market Value: $4,770,035 Website:

Good Evening Wise Alert Members, In our previous e mail, we disclosed a stock that we believe could be profitable. PSFT is a technology company that is currently trading at $.07 . With the demand for the company's patented technology, in various avenues and industries, we believe PSFT could breakout very soon!

Amplification Technologies Inc., has invented and demonstrated a principally new design of a high sensitivity photodetector . The company's patented technology, Discrete Amplification technology , when used in a photodector for internal amplification, allows proportional detection of a light signal with very high gain (measure of amplification), less than 1 nanosecond response time , (fast signal detection that allows output signal digital processing in real time), and negligible excess noise factor (measure of unwanted byproduct signals). As stated in the previous email, a device using DA can detect the signal of a single photon (the smallest unit of light) of visible or invisible light .

How can this technology benefit ordinary people in everyday life

After discussing the company's patented technology with the CEO, Mr. Mikhail Leibov, it became quite evident to the Wise Alerts team that devices utilizing Discrete Amplification Technology (DA) , could potentially save the lives of many people.

Most pedestrian injuries and fatalities occur at night. In fact, according to the data provided by the director of Antoliv Global Night Vision, Stuart Klapper, approximately 69% of all pedestrian fatalities occur at night. (2012, p.3).

The statistics for pedestrian accidents in the United States and around the world are undeniably alarming .

Furthermore, the number of accidents caused by animals, in the United States, is astronomical. According to the data provided by Klapper (2012), there are approximately 1,090,000 accidents caused by animals each year.

protect animals and pedestrians from crashes with motor vehicles and reduce a driver's risk on roadways, automobile companies are incorporating night vision systems into cars.

Currently, luxury car brands such as Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes, already offer night vision systems, with pedestrian and animal detection. The image is displayed through the vehicle`s navigation screen or projected on the vehicle`s dashboard. Even with adverse weather and challenging driving conditions, the night vision system is able to accurately detect and warn drivers of pedestrians, animals, or any obstacle in the vehicles path.

How does Night Vision Systems Work

An Infrared Camera scans the road for pedestrians, animals, and obstructions up to four times farther than the headlight range.

Yet, night vision systems utilizing Discrete Amplification technology would produce a digital image comparable to a sharp black and white picture. Unlike the infrared technology currently used in night vision systems, the image produced by the device, with DA Technology , would enhance the image quality and recognition of the driver's surrounding environment. Thus, creating night vision systems that are more useful than the current night vision systems.

Image taken from Autoliv Global Night Vision

Discrete Amplification technology , in the automobile, could greatly reduce the amount of pedestrian and animal accidents and fatalities caused by visual limitations at night.

Be Wise and Stay Alert for more information regarding Amplification Technology Inc., (PSFT) .

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