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Dynepic Acquires SurrealVR to Bring Multi-Player 3D Training to its DX Platform
Date: Jul 20, 2022
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Featured firm in this article: Dynepic LLC of Reno, NV

Expansion will empower users to collaborate and train alongside colleagues in the Metaverse

RENO, Nev., July 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Dynepic® announced today the purchase of SurrealVR, a pioneer in platform agnostic virtual reality (VR) that helped lay the groundwork for immersive collaboration in the Metaverse. Dynepic DX platform users will now be able to successfully teach, learn, and collaborate with colleagues in a 3D environment.

"I believe the ultimate success and adoption of the Metaverse will come from providing the right capabilities that enable people to level up their skills, learning, and knowledge," said Krissa Watry, Co-Founder, and CEO of Dynepic. "This acquisition represents a significant leap forward for corporate, team, and individual training across dimensions."

"This acquisition represents a significant leap forward for corporate, team, and individual training across dimensions."

Dynepic plans to first release collaborative learning APIs for eXtended reality (XR) training creators activated on the DX platform, giving developers an easy way to build a Metaverse training product by leveraging its core feature set including avatars, identity management, real-time voice chat, physics, locomotion, and a common VR/AR menu system. The first DX users to benefit will be United States Air Force students and trainers, who currently use a white-label of the DX Platform called MOTAR® (Member, Operations, Training, Analytics, Reports).

"Creators on DX (and MOTAR) can now make their product social, multiplayer, and VR/AR ready, in a matter of days -- saving time, money, and drastically reducing any friction - on an already proven and secure platform," SurrealVR Co-Founder, Orchun Koroglu, shared.

Arthur Goikhman, Co-Founder and CEO of SurrealVR, said the acquisition is a key step on Dynepic's roadmap as an influential force in modern learning and training.

"What VR did for social gaming years ago is now a reality for businesses of all sizes," Goikhman added. "This acquisition means any company using Dynepic's DX platform could leverage virtual reality, bringing together individuals, teams, instructors, and students from anywhere in the world and giving them the opportunity to deepen and enrich their learning and collaboration by working side-by-side."

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