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Cerus Acquires Product Commercial Rights from BioOne
Date: Sep 21, 2010

Featured firm in this article: Cerus Corporation of Concord, CA

Cerus Acquires Product Commercial Rights from BioOne
Cerus Corporation has signed an agreement to acquire BioOne Corporation's commercialization rights in Asia for the Intercept Blood System for platelets and plasma, subject to approval of the transaction by BioOne's shareholders.

In 2004 and 2005, Cerus and its partner at the time, Baxter International, licensed the commercialization rights for Intercept platelets and plasma to BioOne for an Asian territory, which included mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Cerus holds the commercialization rights for the Intercept red blood cell system for this region.

Under terms of the agreement, BioOne will receive approximately 1,170,000 shares of Cerus' common stock valued at approximately USD3.08 per share, and Cerus will relinquish its equity interest in BioOne.

"We believe there is great market potential for Intercept in Asia and that regaining the platelet and plasma rights from BioOne will allow us to pursue a different business strategy and potential partnerships for all three programs," said Claes Glassell, Cerus' president and chief executive officer.