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Blingby Technology Creating A Virtual Gallery, Studio Experience for Contemporary Artist Michele Francis
Date: Nov 07, 2016
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Featured firm in this article: Blingby LLC of New York, NY

Blingby, a unique digital, entertainment and technology e-commerce platform allows users to watch videos and at the same time buy, book, or even rent what inspires them. Although Blingby started by focusing on music videos, movie trailers, and festival reels, the platform has wider appeal and is now being used by Contemporary Artist, Michele Francis to showcase and make available her artwork.

Michele Francis, a former international fashion model and accomplished contemporary artist: whose work is featured in the permanent collection at The Colby Museum, is the last to leverage Blingby's technology. "Michele's innovative use of Blingby technology to showcase her artwork is inspiring," Blingby's co-founder and CEO, Marcia Favale says. "The use of various camera angles paired with the tranquil music playing in the background allows viewers to feel as if they are exploring her art within a gallery or studio experience."

"It can be difficult for artists to make a name for themselves in the art industry because it is so competitive and for people to make it to gallery openings or studio visits," Favale states. "But now, artists can use Blingby technology to create native advertisements that will help them gain more exposure among prospective buyers."

"Although Blingby is frequently associated with the music and film industries, Michele has demonstrated just how versatile our technology can be," Favale continues. "As Blingby continues to grow, we expect to find a multitude of new ways to use its technology and broaden our audience."