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BenchFly Buzzes into Labs Worldwide to Help Scientists Soar
Author: Alan Marnett
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Researchers Can Share, Watch and Learn Life and Laboratory Techniques Now on

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- October 5, 2009 -- BenchFlyâ„¢, Inc. today announced the official launch of, a website that integrates life and laboratory techniques in order to make research a better career today and for future generations of scientists. On a daily basis, expands scientific learning through free online science videos, current protocols and lab techniques while empowering researchers to better navigate their lives both in and out of the lab through career and personal development content.

BenchFly founder and third-generation scientist Alan Marnett, PhD founded BenchFly as a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). During his 15 years working as a bench scientist, he observed that the quality of scientific training and research varied dramatically from laboratory to laboratory, even within the same institution. Variables such as mentorship, funding and access to information significantly impact the individual researchers whose successes make or break a lab's potential contributions. Dr. Marnett started BenchFly to repair this disconnect, foster improved collaboration and remove the obstacles that impede scientific progress.

"Whether in a small lab, in a small university, or in a big lab at a large institution that's empty at 3 a.m., researchers worldwide should have access to expert instruction anywhere, anytime at the click of a mouse. I started BenchFly to democratize scientific resources, including the quick yet essential tips and tricks that can turn a good scientist into a great one. BenchFly provides scientists with the tools they need to solve the problems they face everyday in lab. Think of us as one of your labmates, except we don't fall asleep in group meeting," said Marnett who is also BenchFly's CEO.

Through both written and video content BenchFly addresses the complexities of the lives of researchers and the challenges they face everyday at the bench. The stereotype that scientists are socially inept and reclusive has never reflected the virtues of successful scientists. In fact, the modern scientist must be both dynamic and collaborative to facilitate groundbreaking discoveries. By engaging scientists with honesty and humor, BenchFly provides researchers with the community and tools they need to develop both professionally and personally.

"BenchFly has been a great resource in my lab not only for learning techniques but also for providing advice and resources for many of the other issues that face bench scientists," said Matthew Bogyo, PhD, a Stanford University professor conducting cancer research. "Perhaps as important to my students and post-docs is the fact that BenchFly is presented in a funny and entertaining way that builds on the experiences and testimonials of other scientists at similar career stages."

"As a graduate student, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by how much I have to learn about science, both on a daily basis for my research and long-term for my own career," said Rachel Schecter, a fourth year graduate student looking at the molecular mechanisms of learning and memory at MIT. "BenchFly is like that senior lab member who I can turn to for advice on how to optimize my experiments and offer guidance on the issues that are specific to lab life."

"The new gold standard for gauging the impact of social media today is about much more than just the number of followers you have. It's about the quality and value of the content you share. BenchFly is a great example of an online community built to solve a specific problem--how to support the researchers that are the foundation of science," said Peter Pezaris, founder and CEO of, a leading social networking site with more than 16 million users.

BenchFly's approach to supporting researchers and catalyzing scientific progress online includes three specific aims:

Expand Scientific Knowledge Through Researcher-Generated Content: First-hand demonstrations are the way scientists learn in lab. With researcher-developed science videos, BenchFly provides expert instruction to any scientist with an Internet connection worldwide.
Daily Career and Personal Development Guides for Scientists: Being a scientist is much more than just mixing chemicals, making discoveries and avoiding explosions... it's a lifestyle. Whether highlighting the latest laboratory techniques, discussing career opportunities or providing personal organization advice, BenchFly shares the latest tips and tricks to master and balance life while at or away from the bench.
Reinvent the Image of the Scientist: The pocket protector is dead. BenchFly knows science is an exciting, cutting-edge profession made up of intelligent, humorous, creative and passionate individuals. It's time scientists share that passion with society to energize future generations of scientists and ensure the future of the craft remains bright.

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About BenchFly, Inc.

BenchFly integrates life and laboratory techniques in order to make research a better career today and for future generations of scientists. By engaging scientists with honesty and humor, BenchFly provides researchers with the community and tools they need to develop both professionally and personally. Through free and researcher-generated content such as online science videos, current protocols, laboratory techniques and career and personal development advice, BenchFly empowers scientists to overcome the challenges they face in lab everyday to enable their next big breakthroughs, faster. Founded in Cambridge, Mass. by an MIT post-doc, Alan Marnett, PhD, in 2009, BenchFly, Inc. is privately held. Visit us at

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