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Ball Aerospace and Invertix Team on ATEP II Contract for NASIC
Date: Apr 29, 2013
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Featured firm in this article: Altamira Technologies Corporation of Mclean, VA

DAYTON, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. and Invertix Corporation have entered into a strategic teaming agreement to pursue the Advanced Technical Exploitation Program (ATEP) II contract with the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

"Invertix and Ball Aerospace are a perfect match as we move forward in a world focused on affordability and best value"

NASIC is the nation's premier source of air and space intelligence for DoD and national intelligence consumers and is a recognized center of excellence for GEOINT and MASINT reporting. Ball Aerospace has supported NASIC's programs for nearly 30 years by conducting research and development, developing algorithms and data analysis tools, building end-to-end data exploitation systems, and working on site at NASIC analyzing and reporting on data collected by satellite, airborne, and ground-based sensors.

Invertix works across a continuum of technology ranging from sensors to visualization focused heavily on how analysts and decision makers transact in a "Big Data" environment as well as how to leverage this understanding to introduce advanced processing and analysis capabilities into the ISR ecosystem. The company's solutions are based on cloud-based technologies taking the need for mobility and cyber security into full account.

Ball Aerospace has a proven history of utilizing the technologies, products and services of small businesses. Under the ATEP II contract, Invertix and Ball Aerospace will continue providing R&D, systems engineering, and data analysis support to the Air Force and the Dayton region for the next decade.

"This win/win teaming agreement highlights the complementary strengths of Ball and Invertix to perform multiple technology and service-based projects," said Dan Gibson, vice president and general manager of Ball's Systems Engineering Solutions business unit. "We expect this to be a successful relationship on ATEP II as well as on other federal contracts that leverage our mutual strengths."

The teaming agreement allows Invertix, as the prime contractor, to extend its GEOINT and MASINT offerings to NASIC and affords Ball Aerospace the opportunity to maintain its position as the leader in innovative data exploitation technologies.

"Invertix and Ball Aerospace are a perfect match as we move forward in a world focused on affordability and best value," said Art Hurtado, Invertix CEO. "Together our companies provide the government with considerable technical offerings that our customers expect."

Invertix Corporation serves the intelligence, national security, and domestic security communities by developing and integrating advanced solutions and bridging the gap between science and technology and operations. Invertix takes an open architectural approach leveraging open source as well as its own intellectual property to help customers deploy these solutions in a highly cost effective and scalable manner. For more information visit

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. supports critical missions for national agencies such as the Department of Defense, NASA, NOAA and other U.S. government and commercial entities. The company develops and manufactures spacecraft, advanced instruments and sensors, components, data exploitation systems and RF solutions for strategic, tactical and scientific applications. For more information visit


Invertix Corporation, a top technology company headquartered in McLean, VA, serves the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities by creating advanced solutions. The company's focus is to enhance the national security posture of the United States and allies through the development and promotion of technologies spanning the technology continuum including mobility, cloud computing and big data, analytics, advanced visualization, cyber, communications and sensors. Invertix has operating locations in nine states, the District of Columbia and overseas with corporate offices located in McLean, VA; Reston, VA; Alexandria, VA; Annapolis Junction, MD; Las Cruces, NM; and Dayton, OH.