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Axon Dx announces Transatlantic Partnership for Commercialization of nCyteDx® Platform Suite: Blood-Based Biopsy Tools for Rare Cell Detection
Date: Jan 19, 2020
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Featured firm in this article: Axon Dx LLC of Earlysville, VA

Axon Dx, LLC, an Axon Connected, LLC is pleased to announce its distribution partnership with OncoLab Diagnostics GmbH, Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Axon Dx has recently signed a distributor partnership agreement with OncoLab Diagnostics for distribution of its nCyte Dx® Platform Suite of products. This platform portfolio includes the nCyteDx® AI-driven optical scanner, the associated sample enrichment and immunostaining reagents for detection of circulating rare cells such as epithelial, endothelial, and stromal cells.

Kent A. Murphy, CEO, Axon Dx commented on the OncoLab distributorship, "This transatlantic partnership allows us to bring the power of the nCyte™ Dx AI-driven optical scanner to the communities that will most benefit from its enhanced ability and convenience in rare cell detection. With the scientific knowledge, network and reach of OncoLab Diagnostics, Axon Dx will be able to make its product portfolio available in Europe, Russia, other CIS Countries, the Middle East and Africa. We are delighted to be partnering with OncoLab Dx as we begin the global commercialization of the nCyteDx® Suite of products."

"AxonDx is the ideal partner in order to jointly develop a coherent product portfolio that covers the entire analytical process of detecting circulating cells. With this collaboration OncoLab continues its long tradition of joining forces with top experts in diagnostics," commented Dr. Robert Zeillinger, CEO OncoLab Diagnostics. The offering will include products for blood sampling, processing samples, enriching circulating cells and detecting them. The products will be offered under the OncoLab brand.

For blood-based biopsies, the nCyte Dx® platform scans all cells in a blood sample using an advanced optical scanner and then utilizes artificial intelligence software to analyze the high-resolution output. The output provides morphological and targeted molecular characterization of rare cells. The system can also be used with traditional fluorescently stained samples, such as tissue. The nCyte Dx® platform was originally developed by Phil Couch, PhD and Kent A. Murphy, PhD at the request of SRI (Stanford Research Institute), because of their 35 years of optical instrument experience.

Currently, Axon Dx offers Research Use Only products for circulating epithelial cells, circulating endothelial cells, and circulating stromal cells. (These products are not intended for use in in-vitro diagnostics.) Additionally, Axon Dx has a custom kit service that is available upon request for biomarkers in the open channel of the system.