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Agriveda announces major collaboration with Poet Research
Date: Sep 05, 2012

Featured firm in this article: Agrivida Inc of Woburn, MA

Michael Raab, co-founder and president of Agrivida, announced a major collaboration with Poet Research to use Agrivida's technology to reduce the cost to manufacture ethanol . Agrivida has a technology platform to to manufacture biofuels from cellulosic feedstocks in a way that greatly reduces the cost to convert into ethanol.

POET is one of the world's largest producers of corn ethanol used to fuel cars and trucks and has been actively developing bio-ethanol for more than a decade. The collaboration will accelerate the transition of Agrivda's technology from research and development to full commercialization. For the past five years POET has been working with farmers to bale, transport and store corn crop residue - the cobs, leaves, husks and stalks left in the field after the grain harvest. Cellulosic bio-ethanol from corn crop residue represents a large opportunity and POET plans to begin commercial operations in a new facility in late 2013.

Agrivida has been making a series of announcements of partnerships and collaborations as it anticipates large scale commercial adoption of its proprietary technology in a wide range of applications and markets. See