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Actuated Medical Launches Gentlesharp -- a More Humane Blood Sampling System
Date: Apr 25, 2014
Author: Actuated Medical, Inc.
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Featured firm in this article: Actuated Medical Inc of Bellefonte, PA

BELLEFONTE, PA -- Actuated Medical, Inc. recently brought its GentleSharp system to market on a worldwide basis. The system allows greater control of sharps while minimizing discomfort and stress for animals in pre-clinical studies. In short, it's a more humane way to sample blood.

Actuated Medical has conducted and funded several scientific studies on the effects of using GentleSharp with rodents. In fact, one such study was presented in a Platform Session at the 2013 AALAS National Meeting. The results clearly support that GentleSharp addresses both the Refinement and Reduction mandates of the 3 Rs of Alternatives.

GentleSharp's underlying controlled motion technology has been in development for many years. In fact, it's integral to many of Actuated Medical's innovations. "For GentleSharp, we add low-frequency, oscillatory motion to the sharp as it's inserted. The resulting vibrations help the sharp puncture and glide through tissue more smoothly." said Maureen L. Mulvihill, President and CEO of Actuated Medical. "Since less force is applied to the tissue, the animal experiences less stress from the procedure."

Users of GentleSharp have been consistently impressed with the system. Quotes range from "It was awesome! The vibration helped me get more blood than with a straight stick." to "Very smooth. The 25G needle went in on the first poke, saved time and reduced animal handling compared to the standard needle."

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