Federal Agency Office

Program Manager:
    Edward Metz
Extent of this State's SBIR-STTR
participation over life of program
Award-related data
Awards Phase I Phase II
1015 370
Total Award Dollars 1983-current
Number Awardees 645
Current SBIR-STTR Activity Level
Awards (last 5yr) Phase I Phase II
67 41
Award Dollars
Current Awardees 63
External business factors by State Awardees
Publicly Traded 0
M&A Deals 47
VC Funded Firms 40
Total US issued patents 2,459
In DOD and NIH particularly, Phase II may be on Phase I awards made three-four years earlier. The comprehensive SBIR tracking system developed and rigorously maintained by the Innovation Development Institute is project-grounded. All related Phase IIs are tracked by relevance to original Phase I i.e. in a single record. As applicable - for example in NIH and some DOD - Phase II awards dollars are recorded incrementally in our offline systems but posted online by total to date.
Source: Innovation Development Institute, Swampscott, MA. ┬ęCopyright 1995-2023. All rights reserved.


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Note: Phase II awards may be incrementally funded. Hence, downturn indicated by this graph is not an error nor a major drop-off of SBIR funding availability. As Phase II awards are made - almost 3/4 of all dollars - steepness of this curve will increase substantially.