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Zeeko Technologies USA LLC
Profile last edited on: 12/27/2016

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3495 Kent Avenue K100
West Lafayette, IN 47906
   (765) 775-1010
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   04
County:   Tippecanoe

Public Profile

Zeeko Technologies USA, LLC was a North American spin-off of U.K.-based Zeeko Ltd.working on a technology to improve the polishing of freeform surfaces, such as optical surfaces. Zeeko’s patented process of Precessions Polishing technology wss a sub-aperture process developed for the precise control of form and texture in the production of aspheric and other optical surfaces was designed to reduce production time due to its high removal rate and repeatability. Zeeko was developing a unicursal random tool path that, unlike conventional computer-controlled polishing tools, did not follow a regular pattern and was non-crossing. This new tool path polished a surface without leaving periodic polishing signature that can cause light to be scattered off the surfaces in one direction, along with leaving spatial defects on the surface. Zeeko’s new tool path technique is patent-pending. NASA SBIR awards to the firm facilitated Zeeko’s development of high-precision polishing technology for optics manufacturing, specifically its applications for large, space-based telescopes that utilize segmented or multiplemirror reflectors. Other industries, such as biotechnology (orthopedic implants) and semiconductor manufacturing, also may benefit from Zeeko polishing technology. While original UK firm is stilll operational, the only principal here in the US since 2001 has been employed bt Intel.

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  John Kelchner -- President

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