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Triton Systems Inc (AKA: TSI~Triton Systems LLC)
Profile last edited on: 11/27/2023      CAGE: 0VLJ1      UEI: DA91DUWSMSQ7

Business Identifier: Advanced materials, coatings, and systems engineering products
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Location Information

330 Billerica Road Suite 200
Chelmsford, MA 01824
   (978) 250-4200
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 03
County: Middlesex

Public Profile

Triton Systems, Inc. is a longtime SBIR involved developing advanced materials, coatings, and systems engineering products, structural composites, electronic sensors and detectors, laser processing, robotics and bioactive compounds. With a strong presence in both the commercial and federal market place, the firm offers abrasion resistant coatings, atmospheric pressure plasma liquid deposition, blowing sand, barrier and laminate, electronic enclosures, flame retardant polymers, high temperature insulation, and space polymers. The company also provides coating formulation and composite design services. Its technologies are used in military logistics and aerospace, homeland security, specialty plastics and additives, multifunctional coatings, specialty electronics and sensors, robotic inspection systems, low side effect cancer therapeutics, and point of care medical diagnostics applications. The firm also leverages dilutive and non-dilutive investments to advance product from incubation to commercial stage companies.

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
1696968153 2 DHA $2,199,459
Project Title: Wearable HYbrid Strategy for Kinesthetically Enhanced Reality
1689957643 2 AF $749,932
Project Title: Sprayable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Geometrically Complex Aircraft Surfaces/Parts
1689512081 2 AF $846,509
Project Title: N/A
2023 1 Navy $146,466
Project Title: Real-Time Thermal Protection System Performance Model
2023 1 Navy $146,497
Project Title: Compact Sensor of Propellant Viscoelastic Properties

Key People / Management

  Ross R Haghighat -- Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

  Maciej Pietrusinski -- Founder and President

  Justin Abell -- Senior Scientist

  Connor Adamik

  Jacob Alexander

  Bill Bergeron

  Jan Berkow

  Christopher Bingham

  John Blum

  Nick Borsari

  James Burnett

  Kyle Cantrell

  Angelica Cardona

  Thomas Carroll

  Michael Cason

  Mary Chan-Park

  James Christie

  Joel Cooper

  Mark Copsey

  Matt Davis

  James Dean -- Director - R&D

  Kayla Delle Chiaie

  Kayla Delle-Chiaie

  Ray Denkewicz

  Jason Dieffenbacher

  Lawrence Domash

  Andrew Draudt

  Emily Eickhoff

  Matthew Erdtmann

  Max Evans

  William Feather

  Timothy Ferreira

  Jason Forte

  Brian Fowler

  Joshua Frankel

  Daniel Fuenmayor

  Salem Gano

  Arthur Gavrin

  Edward Geraghty

  Horst Gigerenzer

  Jeffrey Gilbert

  Keith Gilbert

  Cole Godzinski

  James J Gorman

  Christian Grippo

  Erin Haghighat

  Chris Hale

  Allison Halleck

  Kim Hallett

  Charles Hannon

  Chuck Hannon

  Sonja Hansen -- Vice President Human Resources

  Daniel Harjes

  Roger Hartman

  Charles Herbert

  Keith Higginson

  Ethan Hoefler

  Sarena Horava

  Chaolin Hu

  Collette E Jolliffe

  Rod Jose

  Lawino Kagumba

  Yoojeong Kim -- Vice President of Research and Development

  Jeremy Kintigh

  Caleb Kissel

  Bryan Koene

  Brady Krass

  Nathan Krohn

  Frank Kuchinski

  Frederick Lauten

  Tyson Lawrence -- Chief Technology Officer

  Panos Lekkas

  John Lennhoff

  William Lindsey

  Huaibing Liu

  Van Livieratos -- SUAS Mechanical Engineer

  Baldi Llorens-Bonilla

  John Lock

  Duke Loke

  John Lovaasen

  Richard W Lusignea

  Ken Mahmud -- Chief Technology Officer

  Rafael Mandujano

  David Marchant

  Cops Mark

  Stephen Marone

  Travis Marshall

  Ron Martin

  Joseph Martinez

  Abigail McAdams

  Thomas McDonald

  Kerrianne Mello

  Craig Miller

  Zachary Miller

  Alex Mitropoulos

  David Model -- COO

  David Model -- Chief Operating Officer

  Bob Mojazza

  Tania T Mojazza -- Business Official

  Joseph Morabito

  Scott Morrison

  Brian Moyer

  Michael Muller

  Matthew Murachver

  Jon Nebo

  Steven Neill

  Justin Neutra

  Minh Nguyen

  Demetrios Papageorgiou

  Eric Pennell

  David Pierre

  Brad Pindzola

  Bradford A Pindzola

  Brad Pinzola

  David Powell

  Manoj Ram

  Nicole Ricapito

  Norm Rice

  Tyler Robertson

  Paul Rolincik

  Shiyun Ruan

  Jae Ryu

  Jack Salerno

  James Saunders

  James Saunders

  Steve Schoenholtz

  Steve Schoenholz

  Peter Schuler

  Apoorva Shah

  Allan Shepp

  Fengying Shi

  Vladimir Shkolnikov

  Anant Singh -- Exective Vice President& Head of New Application Ventures

  Jen Smith

  Jennifer Smith

  William Story

  Abigail Taylor

  David Toher

  Baris Unal

  Robert Watson

  Aniruddha Weling

  Diane Wilson

  Feng Yang

  Kim Yoojeong