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Tetramer Technologies LLC
Profile last edited on: 6/24/2022      CAGE: 3H0U7      UEI: RN4PMJKEMSX6

Business Identifier: Polymeric, oligomeric, and nanocomposite materials
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Location Information

657 South Mechanic Street
Pendleton, SC 29670
   (864) 646-6282
Location: Single
Congr. District: 03
County: Anderson

Public Profile

Tetramer Technologies is a faculty-driven start-up company commercializing high value research activities pursued at Clemson University. The company is focused on developing polymeric or oligomeric materials through synthesis, structure/activity development, thorough characterization and close research development relationships with device or other downstream customers. The company's products include 1) Perfluorocyclobutyl polymer materials for integrated optics (thermoptic and electro-optic switches, planar waveguides, lenses, and optical fibers), fuel cell membranes, gas separation membranes, deep UV lithography components, planar waveguide substrates, fluoropolymer adhesion promoters, and high temperature optical sensor coatings; 2) Incorporation of proprietary lactide and other recyclable materials into high volume commercial thermosets; 3) Piezo and pyroelectric polymers involving proprietary polyvinylidene fluoride nanocomposites

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2022 2 DOE $2,349,894
Project Title: Biodegradable Lubricant from Esterified Propoxylated Glycerol
2022 2 CBD $730,138
Project Title: Engineered Beads for Chem-Bio Defense (CBD) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
2022 2 DOE $2,299,978
Project Title: Improved Membranes for Solar Fuels Generators
2022 2 DOE $1,349,970
Project Title: Novel Hybrid Porous Materials for the Selective Capture of Contaminants and/or Valuable Metal
2022 1 DOE $200,000
Project Title: Metal Organic Framework Manufacturing Technology

Key People / Management

  Earl H Wagener -- President and CEO

  Jeffrey R Dimaio -- COO

  Adam Haldeman

  Stephen Hudson -- Senior Research Scientist

  Zachary Hunt

  Dana Overman -- Director of Engineering

  Michael Schreuder

  Debra Tindall

  Chris Topping

  Bogdan Zdyrko