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TDA Research Inc (AKA:TDA Research LLC)
Profile last edited on: 4/2/2022

Catalytic & sorbent-based materials, new materials (polymers & carbons), & military / aerospace components
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12345 West 52nd Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
   (303) 422-7819
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   07
County:   Jefferson

Public Profile

TDA Research is a technology company developing catalyst- and sorbent-based materials and products, new materials (polymers, carbons and ceramics) and military and aerospace components. TDA Research was originally formed by two staff from the Solar Energy Research Institute (now the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) in Golden, CO. TDA brings products to market either through its internal business units, spin-off companies, or through partnerships with larger firms. As of 2014, the company's SulfaTrapTM sorbents, Direct Oxidation and fullerene production technologies are in commercial use. TDA's Direct Oxidation Technology removes sulfur from hydrocarbon streams. The company's fullerene production technology is used by Frontier Carbon to manufacture up to 40 tons per year of fullerenes. TDA's SulfaTrap sulfur sorbents are now sold in multi-ton lots by SulfaTrap, LLC. The company also sells aircraft cleaning solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense. Finally, TDA developed processable conducting polymers and specialty fullerene derivatives that are available from Sigma-Aldrich.

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  Michael E Karpuk -- President & Chief Executive Officer

  John M Alford --

  Gokhan Alptekin --

  Jayaraman Ambalavanan --

  Chuansheng Bai --

  William L Bell --

  Joshua Biller --

  Robert D Bolskar --

  Douwe Bruinsma --

  Brady Clapsaddle --

  Ronald L Cook --

  Robert A Copeland --

  Marilyn Crider --

  Michael D Diener -- Principal Chemist

  Steven D Dietz --

  Brian J Elliott -- Principal Chemical Engineer

  Jeannine E Elliott -- Principal Chemical Engineer

  William Wallace Ellis --

  Brian C France -- Senior Chemist

  Christopher France --

  Steven C Gebhard --

  Kevin J Gleason --

  Robert Haufler --

  Bradey L Hitch --

  Ambalavanan Jayaraman --

  Zhiping Jiang --

  David Keeler --

  Silvia D Luebben --

  D Brent MacQueen --

  Ravi Mariwala --

  Andrew W Myers --

  James Nabity --

  John B Olson --

  Steven Paglieri --

  Cecily Romero --

  Shawn Sapp --

  Jack Sibold --

  Georgette Siparsky --

  Aaron Skaggs --

  Bryan M Smith --

  Girish Srinivas -- Principal Engineer

  Di Wei --

  Mark Weislogel --

  Karen Williamson --

  Brian Windecker --

  John D Wright -- Chief Technology Officer

  Fei Yi --

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