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Spectral Sciences Inc (AKA: SSI)
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Business Identifier: Spectroscopy, remote sensing and imaging, combustion and propulsion technology, and radiative transfer processes.
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Location Information

4 Fourth Avenue
Burlington, MA 01803
   (781) 273-4770
Location: Single
Congr. District: 06
County: Middlesex

Public Profile

SBIR program involved from the very earliest days following passage of the enabling legislation, across a range of technical endeavor, Spectral Sciences, Inc. (SSI) - a private R&D firm - has addressed the task of solving technical and scientific problems from concept to prototype with a primary focus being the development of concepts and prototype scientific software and instrumentation. The company performs basic and applied research and technology development in optics and related fields, including remote sensing, rocket and aircraft optical signatures, ground and space-based experiment planning and data analysis, atmospheric studies, gas analysis instrumentation, and laser applications. Areas of expertise include electro-optic remote sensing, atmospheric radiation transport, the science of combustion, computational physics, chemistry and molecular dynamics, energy management, 3-D and spectral scene modeling, spectroscopy, UV through IR optical signature analysis, tomography methods and analysis and electro-optical instrumentation development in support of phenomenological studies and new measurement concepts. Software developed by SSI and available to the public include: FLAASH and QUAC, atmospheric correction codes which calculate spectrally resolved ground reflectance from hyperspectral imaging and multispectral imaging. Both codes are available as the Atmospheric Correction Module plug-in for ENVI. MODTRAN radiative transfer code.Fields of specialty include Computer Software Development for Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing imagery; Aerospace Phenomenology; Instruments for Gas Sensing; Reconstruction Techniques for Biomedical and Remote Sensing Applications; SHARC (Strategic High-Altitude Radiation Code) was developed by SSI for the USAF as a non-equilibrium high-altitude (up to 300 km) infrared emission model for quiescent and aurorally disturbed atmospheres.; SAMM and A3RTSS the firm has recently been working on an imaging tool that would allow farmers to determine the health of crop, including soil conditions and unwanted other growth. Deployed by satellite, the system would enable farmers to achieve an aerial view to use in maximizing crop yield.

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2022 1 Navy $146,497
Project Title: Physics-Informed Machine Learning for Hypersonic Turbulence
2022 1 MDA $155,000
Project Title: Prediction of Hypersonic Cruise Missile Signatures with Advanced Chemistry and Radiation Modules
2022 2 MDA $2,859,895
Project Title: Post-intercept Cloud Dynamics Post-Processing Tool
2022 2 AF $1,250,000
Project Title: High Sensitivity Tracking for Event-Based LEO Moving Target Indication
2022 2 NGA $1,099,994
Project Title: Enhanced Modeling and Simulation of Hypersonics

Key People / Management

  Robert Sunberg -- President

  Prabhat Acharya

  Steven Adler-Golden -- Principal Scientist

  Alexander Berk -- Principal Scientist

  Lawrence S Bernstein -- Co-founder; Chief Scientific Officer

  Fritz Bien -- Founder Former President

  Matthew Braunstein

  Matthew Braunstien

  James Cho

  Frank O Clark -- Principal Scientist

  Jason A Cline -- Principal Scientist

  Timothy Deschenes -- Senior Scientist

  Hoang Dothe

  David Dressler

  Rainer Dressler -- Principal Scientist

  James Duff

  Marsha J Fox -- Vice President

  Michael E Gersch

  Steven Adler Golden

  Neil Goldstein

  Brian F Gregor

  Jonathan Grot

  John H Gruninger

  Frederick Hawes

  Xuemin Jin

  Xuemin Jin

  Liselle Joseph

  Rosemary Kennett

  Michael Kogan

  Jamine Lee

  Robert Y Levine

  Leonid Muratov

  Raphael Panfili -- Principal Scientist

  Timothy C Perkins

  Mehtab M Pervaiz

  Benjamin Peter

  Jason Quennenville

  Jason Quenneville

  Steven Richtsmeier

  David Robertson

  Robert Shroll

  Benjamin St Peter -- Senior Scientist

  Robert Sundberg

  Bridget Tannian

  Ramona Taylor -- Principal Scientist

  Pajo Vujkovic-Cvijin

  Wenjian Wang

  Sandra Wiseman -- Senior Scientist

  Alexandra Woldman

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