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Soar Technology Inc (AKA:SoarTech)
Profile last edited on: 1/9/2020

Algorithm development, signal and image processing: modeling human reasoning, ehngancing human performance.
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Location Information

3600 Green Court Suite 600
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
   (734) 429-9100
Multiple Locations:   
Congressional District:   12
County:   Washtenaw

Public Profile

Spun out of University of Michigan and now having facilities and personel in AnnArbor, MI, Orlando FL, Dayton, OH and and Saline MI, SoarTech is an artificial intelligence company focused on development of smart and intuitive human/robot interface devices. By improving situational understanding through the firm's Operator Control Unit (OCU) and leveraging automation through their Smart Interaction Device (SID), SoarTech is working to create beneficial human-robot interactions that include the robot as a true part of the team. This technology has both civilian and military applications. The firm's products are designed to simplify human-system interaction and simulate human-like behavior, with applications in modeling and simulation, intelligence analysis, games, command and control, robotics command and control, medical informatics, military training, and information management. The company also offers solutions for various diverse domains related to national security, including military training, cybersecurity, command and control, information management, and intelligence analysis.

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Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount Project Title
2022 1 AF $156,360
Improving Military Common Ground Interactions with Computational Model Alignment
2021 2 Navy $963,673
Distributed Self-Organizing Autonomous Reliable Swarms (DSOARS) for RAIDER (DSOARS-R)
2021 2 AF $999,968
2021 2 Navy $1,940,130
Active Transfer Learning for Intelligent Tutoring
2021 1 Navy $139,983

Key People / Management

  Michael Van Lent -- President, CEO, and Chief Scientist

  Robert Bechtel --

  Amanda Bond --

  Sven Brueckner --

  Jeffrey Craighead -- Research Scientist

  Jacob Crossman --

  Andrew Dallas -- Vice President, Federal Systems

  Van Dyke --

  Jeremiah Folsom-Kovarik --

  Katherine Fox --

  Scott Grigsby -- Senior Scientist

  Kate Harding -- COO & Executive Vice President

  Amy Henninger --

  Robert Hubal --

  Victor Hung --

  Randolph Jones -- Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer

  Chris Kawatsu -- Research Scientist

  Kris Kearns -- Director of Strategy

  Charlie Kola -- Vice President of Finance

  Scott Lathrop --

  Michael Lent --

  Christopher Maclellan --

  Robert Marinier --

  Eric Martinsons --

  Fernando Maymi --

  Lilia Moshkina --

  Kelly Neville --

  Charles Newton -- Lead Scientist

  Denise Nicholson -- Vice President of Intelligent Training and Director of X

  Paul E Nielsen --

  Ryan O'grady --

  H Van Dyke Parunak --

  Ben Purman -- Research Scientist

  Michael Quist --

  Douglas Reece --

  James Rosbe -- Board Member

  Tim Saucer --

  John Sauter --

  Dylan Schmorrow -- Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist

  Robert Sottilare -- Science Director

  Brian S Stensrud --

  Adam Sypniewski --

  Alyssa Tanaka --

  Glenn Taylor -- Senio Scientist

  Caitlin Tenison --

  Alan Vayda --

  Scott Wood -- Senior Scientist

  Robert Wray --

  John Zaientz --

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