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Physical Optics Corporation (AKA: POC~Mercury Mission Systems, LLC)
Profile last edited on: 5/27/2022      CAGE: 0AZ36      UEI: DG3AB4E8R4D8

Business Identifier: Systems integrator integrating photonics, holography, electronics and software into systems across a range of military, government and private sector market applications
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1845 West 205th Street
Torrance, CA 90501
   (310) 320-3088
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 43
County: Los Angeles

Public Profile

Founded in 1985 with its first SBIR coming from NSF with the proposal crafted by Founder Joanna Jannsen on their kitchen table not long after arriving in the US from Poland, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) became a major player in the SBIR-STTR arena - a highly innovative, employee-owned company. With a strong and long-time continuing presence in the SBIR area, POC is usefully understood as a systems integrator of advanced technology, serving military and defense and homeland security, along with selected commercial markets - medical, communication, movie theaters, consumer appliances, automotive, and biotechnology. Working often in collaboration with a range of major and mid-sized corporations, the firm grew through the years to almost 350 employees with a high percentage of PhDs across a range of scientific and engineering disciplines. Holding over 160 issued patents worldwide, covering 60 technologies, the firm was always a source of innovative research and development, focused on several strategic thrust areas and advanced programs, including full-rate platform production, In December 2020 it was announced that Andover, MA based Mercury Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY,, a leader in trusted, secure mission-critical technologies for aerospace and defense, had completed acquisition of Physical Optics Corporation (POC) in a cash transaction valued at over $310M. End of an era.

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Key People / Management

  Joanna L Jannson -- Founder, Former President / CEO and Chairman of the Board

  Kevin Walter -- President and Chief Executive Officer

  Ilya Agurok

  Pauline Paki Amouzou

  Victor Arellano -- Senior Staff Systems Engineer

  Anna Asanbaeva

  Aramais Avakian

  Vijay Bandekar

  John Bell

  Ihor Berezhnyy

  Justin Bishop

  Daniel Bock

  Hans-Peter Brecht

  Scott A Bredow

  John Buell

  Leonid Bukshpun -- Director, Applied Intelligent Systems

  Wesley Burkhard -- Optical Design Engineer

  Emily Campbell -- Media Contact

  Gene Campbell

  Van Tri Tuc Cao

  Albert Cardona

  Luis Carranza

  Chung-Yen Chao -- Group Leader Microtechnology

  Ray T Chen

  Valeriy Chirkov

  Jae Choi

  Kang-Bin Chua -- Director, Autonomous Systems

  Roy Clark

  Kevin D Degrood

  Edward Dehoog

  Gordon Drew -- Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

  Mark Drzymkowski -- Director of Technology Transitioning

  Dan Edmans -- Director, Government Relations

  Vladimir Esterkin -- Director

  Omar Facory -- Director, Government Relations

  Tunchen DAniel Fang

  Gerald L Fitzpatrick

  Mark W Foster

  Norbert Fruehauf

  Richard Gajewski

  Sergei Galkin

  Eric Gans

  Nicholas Garcia

  Ofir Garcia-Salazar -- Senior Scientist

  Alexander Genusov -- Director, Electronic Systems Development

  Michael Gertsenshteyn

  Armen Gholian -- Senior Research Scientist

  Alfred Goldsmith

  Victor Grubsky

  Eunhee Han

  Kwangsu "sam" Han -- Director, Hardware Engineer

  Mark Harrison

  Todd Hester

  Jay Hirsh

  David Hitchcock -- Team Leader

  Z Ho

  Sonny Hoang

  Ms Holland

  Allen Hollister

  Derek Huddleston

  Carol Jacobus -- Marketing Supervisor

  Tomaz P Jannson -- Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

  Steve Jiang

  Ian Jimenez -- Director, Embedded Systems

  Gabriel Kaplan

  Anup Katake

  Vladimir Katsman

  Shahzad Khalid

  Alexander Khaydarov

  Dai Hyun Kim

  Keehoon Kim

  Richard Kim

  Iouri V Kompaniets

  Oleg Korovyanko

  Andrew Kostrzewski -- Senior Vice President, Strategic Technologies & Chief Engineer

  Olga Kuklina

  Chai Pei Kuo

  Kang S Lee

  Kenneth Levin

  Wayne Lian

  Shing-Hong Lin

  William Liu

  Martin Lopez

  Taiwei Lu

  Robert Lundy -- Business Official

  Jhy-Ming Luo

  Jimmy Luo

  Vladimir Manasson

  Richard Mann

  John Matthews

  Shean McMahon

  Gennady Medvedkin

  Wondwosen Mengesha

  Naresh Menon

  Eddy Milanes

  David Miller

  Alexander Milovanov -- Senior Systems Engineer

  Mark Mitchell

  Dhruv Monga -- Software Engineer

  Behzad Moslehi

  Michael E Moyer -- Group Leader, Avionics Displays

  Emily Murtha -- Marketing Administrator

  Achothan Nair

  Alexander Naumov

  Matthew Neil

  Bak Ng -- Senior Staff Software Engineer

  Eddie Ng

  Samuel Nieva

  Marvin G Niimura

  Albert Okorogu

  Sergei Orlov

  Roman Ostroumov

  Pauline Paki-Amouzou

  Allen S Panahi

  Ninad Patnekar -- Director, Innovative Technologies

  Edward Patton

  Gregory Peng

  Shengji Peng

  Wei Peng

  W Reed Phillips

  William Phillips

  Michael Piliavin

  Yuri Plotkin

  Ranjit Pradhan -- Vice President

  Ninad P Pratnekar -- Director Innovative Technologies

  John D Prohaska

  Sihai Qian

  Wei Qiu

  Srivatsa V Rao

  Michael Reznikov

  Vahid Riasati

  Matthew Rickard

  Alexander Rizkin

  Sookwang Ro

  Mahsa Rohanizadeh

  Volodymyr Romanov

  Mahsa Rouhanizadeh

  Lev Sadovnik

  Pedro Salazar

  Berta Sandberg

  Sergey Sandomirsky

  Niusha Sarkhosh -- Director, Advanced RF Systems

  Ms Niua S Sarkosh

  Gajendra D Savant -- Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

  Jerry Schell

  Edward Schmidlin

  Paul Schnitser

  Keith Seawright -- Director, Business Development AF and Unmanned Programs

  Vladimir Sevastyanov

  Joseph Seymour

  Alireza Shapoury

  Alireza Shapoury

  Prachee Sharma -- Director, Information Systems

  Patty Shaw

  Megan Shie -- Government Relations & Tradeshows Administrator

  Ricke Shie -- Senior Vice President & Chief Strategic Officer

  Min-Yi Shih

  Robert Shih

  Freddie Shing-Hong

  Paul Shnitser -- Technology Vice President

  Sueh-Wen Siao

  David J Silvestris -- Director, Business Development

  Ponniah Sivanesan

  Kalin Spariosu

  Cristina Spence -- Business Official

  Dmitry S Starodubov

  Lenka Stepan

  Eva Strzelecki

  Christian Suh

  Davis Tran

  Sanjay Tripathi

  Tri Tuc

  Peter Twiss

  Chris Ulmer

  Anatoly Vasiliev

  Avinash Vasudevan

  Robert Waldo -- Director, Business Development Naval Programs

  Gregory Waligorski

  Wayne W Wang

  Wenjian Wang

  Robert Wedeen

  Chi Wey

  Aristo Wibawa -- Director, Systems Engineering

  Paul Wilkinson

  Frank Willis -- VP Business Development Military and Aerospace

  Nathan Wong

  Steve Wong

  Shudong Wu

  Xiaowei Xia

  Dan Xiang -- Research Engineer

  Brian H Xu -- Research Scientist

  Guoda Xu

  Baolong Yu

  Kevin Yu

  Mohamad Zahzah

  Gregory Zeltser

  Fang Zhang

  Hansheng Zhang

  Sean Zhang

  Zhanxiang Zhang

  Mingjun Zhao

  Yunlu Zou