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Mission Research Corporation
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Location Information

735 State Street Post Office Drawer 7197
Santa Barbara, CA 93102
   (937) 429-9261
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 24
County: Santa Barbara

Public Profile

In early 2004, Mission Research was acquired by Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK). Mission Research Corporation was a privately owned research and development company developing antennas, instrumentation, radar systems, sensors, measurement equipment, and computer chips, among numerous other activities -- such as researching the effect of nuclear weapons on the atmosphere. Major customers of the employee-held company include three branches of the US military, NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the US Department of Energy. Mission Research operates research facilities in 18 US locations almost all of which are close to military facilities.

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Awards Distribution by Agency

Most Recent SBIR Projects

Year Phase Agency Total Amount
2003 1 MDA $69,889
Project Title: Advanced Multi-Mode Seeker Technologies
2003 1 MDA $69,929
Project Title: Diamond Thin Films as a Gate Insulator in MOS Transistors
2003 2 AF $2,223,299
Project Title: Move-Stop-Move Signature-Aided Tracking
2003 2 AF $1,132,374
Project Title: Radar Mode Design for Optimal Detection, Tracking, and Identification of Time Critical Targets
2003 2 MDA $814,999
Project Title: Advanced Pipeline Analog-to-Digital Converter for Radiation Environments

Key People / Management

  Steven L Gutsche -- President

  Richard J Adler

  David R Alexander

  Russell Armstrong

  John R Bailey

  Bruce L Bauer

  Martin Bell

  Jeffery A Bettie

  Peter A Beyerle

  Jeffrey D Black

  Robert L Bogusch

  Michael W Bollen

  William R Brown III

  John Burke

  Jerry Butman

  George B Chapman -- Sr. Scientist/Engineer

  Amiya Chatterjee

  Jerry Cole

  Roger A Dana

  G R Danker

  Marcos C DeBaca

  G Logan DesAutels

  Wilfred Eggington

  Robert D Eisler

  Aka Finci

  Marc A Firestone

  Mark Fisk

  Thomas M Fitzgerald

  Mark E Fraser

  Carl Freeman

  Jiri Fridrich

  Scott R Fries

  Brendan Godfrey

  Rudy Goldflam

  Niel B Goldman

  Barton Goldstein

  Bruce Goplen

  Robert F Gray

  J Henley

  Gary R Hess

  Bryan Hughes

  George Z Hutcheson

  Craig C Jensen

  Arne Kalma

  James P Karins

  Leo C Kempel

  John P Kennealy

  William Kent

  Daniel King

  Thomas W Kornbau

  Larry Ludeking

  David G Mavis

  Nelson Maynard

  Thaddeus Mazupek

  John H McAdoo

  William F McDonald

  Patrick McGuirk

  Carl A Mentzer

  Brian R Milner

  Douglas Moore

  C David Newlander

  Khanh Ngyen

  John A Pasour

  Alan Paxton

  Robert J Puskar

  Robert Racca

  James P Raymond

  J Todd Reinking

  Berhard D Roth

  Glen R Salo

  Donald Schafer

  Scott A Schaub -- Senior Research Scientist

  Mark J Schmitt

  Jackie Schoendorf

  Jeffrey A Shorter

  Richard S Smith III

  Steven F Stone

  Kenneth Struve

  Judith E Sturtevant

  Donald Sullivan

  Al Torres

  Michael J Tostanoski

  Paul R Trybus

  Robert M Turfler

  Tri P M Van

  David A Wardwell

  Daniel R Weimer

  Byron M Welsh

  Cheryl J White

  John White

  Willard W White

  Anthony Wilson

  William Wortman